Handyperson vs Contractor

If you’ve ever owned or lived in a home that needed a little work that’s beyond your abilities, you’ve probably played with the idea of hiring a handyperson or contacting a contractor, right?  Or, perhaps you’re thinking about opting for one of these as your career choice? Since some of their abilities often overlap, drawing […]

How to start an online tutoring business and succeed

If you’re considering starting your own soon-to-be-successful tutoring business, you came to the right place. Apart from supplying you with steps on launching this sort of business, we’ll learn a bit about it, including how to master its marketing and make your business boom in a market that’s steadily becoming overcrowded...

How vcita helps tutors go from small classes to big business

Being a tutor isn’t easy, though the satisfaction you get from helping a student succeed is always fulfilling. But there’s a lot to manage when you’re a tutor and running your own business...

I cut my boyfriend’s hair – here’s what it taught me about hairstylists

Last week my boyfriend and I succumbed to the popular pandemic trend and decided to do an at home haircut. I was tasked with learning and executing the perfect haircut – short on the sides and longer on the top, and fade it all so that all the lengths blend seamlessly together...

Getting started with CRM software: A beginner’s guide

If you aspire to build a successful, stable, and future-proof business, it’s critical to connect with your clients and find out a bit about their needs, desires, and expectations. However, although this client-centric approach to business has been around for the last couple of years, the process of sharpening these relationships can be quite a […]

What is the easiest CRM software to use?

An abbreviation of ‘customer relationship management’, CRM is a critical part of any modern, self-respecting business. It includes all the techniques, strategies, and tools businesses use toward developing and nurturing relationships with clients...

How to manage your home services business digitally

Whether you’re a plumber, a painter, a house cleaner or anyone else involved in the home services industry, it’s time to update your business to the digital age. With more companies offering services online and expanding their reach of clients through the use of digital tools, not to mention how easy it makes running their […]

Different types of CRMs (and which one to choose for your business)

To handle all the relationships and interactions your business has with its clients and prospective clients, you need to deploy CRM. In case you weren’t sure about what a CRM is, it’s short for ‘customer relationship management’, and includes all the strategies, tools, and techniques utilized in developing, growing, and retaining customer relationships.  When CRM […]

You are your brand: How to develop your small business brand

Despite his death in 2011, for many consumers around the world, Steve Jobs still represents Apple. Jobs had a natural talent for branding...

Grow: What does it take to scale your business?

Wow! You’ve not only started a new business, you’ve also found a loyal, appreciative customer base and are generating a steady income...

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