Grow: What does it take to scale your business?

Wow! You’ve not only started a new business, you’ve also found a loyal, appreciative customer base and are generating a steady income...

Run: So you’ve started your own business…now what?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully opened up your new business...

Build: all you need to know about starting a new business

Starting your own business can be rewarding, exciting, and freeing, but nobody said it would be straightforward. As your own boss, the buck stops with you, and it’s all too easy to allow your business to take over your life...

Is it really worth going back to work?

COVID-19 has powered “the great reset.” There’s not one person who hasn’t been affected by the virus, and amongst many other things, it has definitely changed the way we relate to work. It turns out that there’s nothing like a global pandemic to put things into perspective and remind us that life is short...

Business continuity – helping small businesses become truly resilient

Successful business owners manage their businesses differently. They know that the secret to building a strong business requires investing in its growth...

How freelancing mothers are regaining business momentum in 2021

At vcita, we’ve seen close up just how hard the pandemic hit freelancing mothers. Many of us are working mothers ourselves, so we’ve lived the same struggle of trying to keep up with work while working from home, with our kids, in and out of lockdown...

Why financial fear is holding back your business

Managing a budget, cash flow and financial projections can be daunting. Overcoming your financial fears becomes a lot easier with simple software tools to manage payments at your business.

5 business lessons we learned from Star Wars

Star Wars has taught us important lessons about fighting for justice, finding our destinies, and staying away from the "dark side", but if you look closely, you'll find that the popular sci-fi franchise offers a few valuable lessons about running a business too.

Your business? There’s an app for that

Running a successful small business is all about customer experience. Here's how make it delightful for customers to book appointments, ask you questions, make payments, and send and receive documents.

3 Earth Day resolutions for small businesses

Being eco-friendly is a scalable concept, so if you're a small business trying to make a change, this is a good place to start.

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