Does your small business have an emergency fund?

The pandemic came with hardships and a lot of lessons learned. One of the major lessons was the need for small businesses to have a support system that is critical to the survival of their business...

Diversifying your payment collection brings mo’ money, less problems

Isn’t tech just great for business? We think so...

Too busy to manage your business? Let automation lend a hand

When running a business becomes a handful, automation can definitely come in handy.

You’re already working hard for your business, let this app work hard for you

You’ve established your business, you’re working hard, and you’re beginning to see some money coming in on a regular basis. Now you’re ready for the next step: sorting out your business finances.

How to make 2021 your best business year [webinar recap]

Meet the titans: vcita's CMO, Adi Engel, and vcita's CPO, Shelly Bar Nahor, in an unforgettable conversation about business tredns for 2021

How to Get a Small Business Loan

Contrary to popular opinion, money does not make the world go round. We’ll leave that to subatomic particle interactions, intermolecular forces and gravity...

Should You Use Square’s Cash Up for Business? Pros, Cons, and Tips

What is Cash App and is it everything a small service-based business can dream of? Check out our full review to answer all questions you might have.

Small Business Accounting: 5 Life-Saving DIY Tips

If you’re a small business owner, you probably take pride in being a do-it-yourselfer. That said, there’s only so much room in our schedules to knock out everything we need to get done...

How to Create an Invoice in Excel

How to create an invoice in Excel: An easy step-by-step guide (with screenshots!)

2019: Best Value-for-Money Laptops for Small Business Owners

A powerful laptop is every small business owner's best friend, but which one should you buy? Here are our 5 favorite laptops on the market right now.

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