Client Portal

Free clients from traditional business hours with a friendly client portal that lets them book, pay and take any action online

Online scheduling and online payments

Empower clients to book & pay online

Self service client portal

Secure, friendly self-service options for clients

Client portal for small businesses

Make your business available 24/7


Put More Power in the Hands of Your Clients

With an online self-service portal at their fingertips, your clients can take any action, any time. Make your clients’ life easier by letting them self-serve – book appointments, pay for services, share documents and so much more. And they don’t need to be tech savvy – it’s super simple and friendly!


Online scheduling

Make scheduling appointments a breeze. Allow clients to view your services and availability, book appointments, register for upcoming events, and even reschedule or cancel.

Payment portal

Get paid sooner rather than later. Let clients review pending payments, pay for invoices and services via credit card or PayPal, and review their payment history.

Document sharing

Let clients securely upload and share files with you and your team, as well as view and download files shared with them.

Look Like the Big Brands

Look just as professional as the biggest players in your industry. With a customizable and mobile-friendly client portal, you can do big business on a small business budget.

Saving Time Means Saving Money

Keeping your clients happy, a customer portal keeps more cash in your pocket.


Put your admin on autopilot and reduce the hassle of back-and-forth communications


Reduce no-shows once and for all, thanks to easy rescheduling and automated reminders.


Collect payments quicker, upfront upon booking or by sending an invoice post-meeting


No more phone-tag when scheduling and billing – self-service options are at your clients’ fingertips


Make it easy for clients to do business with you around-the-clock.

Reach Clients from Every Corner of the Web

The more accessible you are, the more likely you are to score new business.

Who says your business can’t be everywhere at once? 24/7 availability means you can win over new clients even when you aren’t on the clock. Whether your clients are at home or on their smartphones, your business is just a click (or touch) away. Make the most of all your current online channels and marketing efforts by giving clients access to your client portal from anywhere and everywhere:


Your website


Your email marketing


Your local business listing


Your social media channels

Self service client portal

Smart. Simple. Powerful.

All the tools you need to manage your clients.

Client Management

Stay organized and keep your clients close, building long-lasting customer relationships.

Calendar & Online Scheduling

Manage an online calendar and let clients book appointments & services.

Billing & Invoicing

Handle your billing & invoicing like a pro and accept payments online.

Lead Generation

Motenize your traffic with a friendly lead-generating website widget.

Email & SMS marketing

Generate more business with email campaigns & SMSMS marketing.


Make your business available 24/7 and empower clients to book & pay online.