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A combination of a top-tier business advisor, a loyal assistant, and a copywriter that can help you generate more business, better your performance, and enjoy stronger client relationships.

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AI business advisor

Boost your business productivity with integrated and personalized AI

No need to use external AI tools that give you generic advice. vcita’s BIZAI knows your business and helps you in seconds.

Get the most relevant advice

vcita’s BIZAI is like your personal assistant. He knows your business and gives fast, contextual help. All within your management platform.

click and go
Just click and go

Suggested prompts help you get relevant advice – for business owners like you- without having to break your head.

creation AI
See how you compare to your peers

Ever wonder if your prices are too low, compared to other businesses in the area? BIZAI can help you understand what other businesses are doing and help you adjust when needed.

Faster, smarter, and data-driven business decisions

Personalized advice AI

Get personalized advice

BizAI learns your business and offers advice on how to optimize it and maximize your success.

Popular prompts:

  • Suggest a plan to reduce the costs of my business

  • How can I grow my business based on current industry trends?

  • What products should my business sell? What is the proposed price for each product?

Improve your content

Draft up email campaigns that close more deals, get in-product topic suggestions for newsletters or titles for events, and much more.

Popular prompts:

  • Can you write an email campaign to promote my services?

  • Write me a draft for my scheduling policy.

  • Suggest new names for my services.

Content improvement AI
Data access AI

Access refined data

Get real-time insights and trend highlights on your business performance.

Popular prompts:

  • Which performance metrics should I track regularly?

  • Do a SWOT analysis of my business.

  • What were my total sales from last quarter?

Our clients say it best

“It’s confirming that the moves I’m making are correct. Instead of me having to hire somebody that’s gonna cost me thousands of dollars to tell me that my strategies are correct or incorrect. This is letting me do it in a Split Second. And it’s giving me the correct information.”

Carla Stover

President & CEO Royal Mystic LLC.

“Outside AI wouldn’t know how to help me with my content, where with vcita it can just draw from my existing content. It’s convenient in-house option like already knows what I have. It can draw upon what I have established so far, so I don’t have to reintroduce my information”

Olga Ward

Neurofeedback practitioner Beaverton Neurofeedback

“I liked that it gave suggestions that you could just click and go”

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP

Coach/Author/Speaker Learn and Flourish

An award-winning solution that business owners love


  • How is BizAI different from other AI chats like ChatGPT?

    BizAI leverages the vast data collected about businesses from various industries, along with information about your offering and business details, to identify opportunities and diagnose areas for improvement. Knowing the platform capabilities, BizAI translates these insights into actionable recommendations you can implement immediately.
  • How much does BizAI cost?

    BizAI is free for all vcita users. The usage is FREE and unlimited. Users from all pricing packages can get the benefits from using BizAI to help better their business.
  • What data about my business is available to BizAI?

    To personalize and provide quality answers, BizAI uses the information you provided as part of the account setup, such as industry, number of staff members, location, website, profession, and more. BizAI also has access to the services, products, and package lists you updated on your account.
  • Does BizAI have access to client information and activity?

    To ensure the utmost privacy and data protection, BizAI is blocked from accessing your clients’ information and activity, such as contact information, payments, messaging history, documents, etc.
  • Is my data secure with BizAI?

    Privacy and data protection are our priority; therefore, BizAI, as an integral part of our highly secure platform, offers a safe place for your business-sensitive information.
  • What can I use BizAI for?

    There are endless possibilities when using BizAI for your business. For example, BizAI can assist with content generation, adjusting the themes, tone, and style of content to your unique identity and services, and helping you craft engaging email campaigns. BizAI can also help you analyze industry trends and advise you on leveraging them in your business offerings.
    Use the suggestions provided by our team on the left side pane of BizAI to get started.
  • How can I improve the answers BizAI provides?

    The more information you provide, the more relevant and personalized answers from BizAI will be. Providing feedback on the quality of BizAI answers using the thumbs up / thumbs down icons, respectively, will also ensure BizAI learns and improves.
  • Can I ask BizAI follow-up questions?

    Yes, as long as you keep the BizAI window open and don’t refresh it, you can ask follow-up questions. This way, BizAI will consider the previous questions, answers, and feedback.
    BizAI saves the conversation for 24 hours from your last input.
  • Is BizAI available in all languages?

    BizAI is currently available only in English. We are working on providing the BizAI experience in more languages.

Let BizAI help improve your business