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About Facebook: The Truth Nobody Tells Small Businesses


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How one island girl’s dreams got bigger in Texas


Post-COVID acquisition: 10 things to look out for when buying a business

Many people are attracted to the idea of running their own business as a means to gaining independence, especially office workers trying to juggle their boss’ demands, childcare, and managing a home. But sometimes people would rather buy an existing business than start a new one...

How to support the rising tide of Gen Z small business owners

The youngest generation entering the workforce, Gen Z are digital natives through and through, and their creativity, passion for justice, and digital know-how are changing what it means to be a small business owner.  Despite their age (the oldest Gen Z-ers are just 24), they’re serious about money and financial matters, disabused of the value […]

4 Advantages of working with a cashless business

The move to cashless business has been in progress for a while, but like so many societal changes, it really took off when COVID-19 hit, with 69% of US retailers seeing contact-free payments spike between January and August 2020. Mastercard reports that more than half of all Americans favor contactless payments today.  A recent study […]

Used to being overlooked, Gen X small business owners need to be seen

Generation X may have been dismissed as the “slacker generation” by the boomers who came before them, but today, Gen X-ers have grown up, grown responsible, and grown into a significant force in the small business world.  Gen X-ers own the most small businesses at 46%, far more than millennials, and their relative share is […]

Telehealth best practices: 7 tips to streamline and secure success

We got a taste of it, and as health care consumers, we’re head over heels for telehealth.  During COVID, we had no choice, and initially, it felt jarring to be forced into online appointments. But in one short year, the stay-in-your-jammies effect won out...

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