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How to Promote a New Service Without Breaking the Bank


The Contact Form is Dead: Meet the Next-Generation “Contact Us” Tool


About Facebook: The Truth Nobody Tells Small Businesses


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How one island girl’s dreams got bigger in Texas


Boomers be booming: Why older cohorts of solopreneurs aren’t done yet

When most people think of a freelancer or an independent small business owner, they usually imagine younger people who don’t want to be part of the rat race and/or middle-aged people following their dreams. Many people don’t realize just how many gig workers, solopreneurs, and local entrepreneurs are in their 60s to 80s...

Lo-fi: coffee for the ears

We wouldn’t presume to tell you what music to like. That’s a pretty personal decision...

You’re already working hard for your business, let this app work hard for you

You’ve established your business, you’re working hard, and you’re beginning to see some money coming in on a regular basis. Now you’re ready for the next step: sorting out your business finances.

Business continuity – helping small businesses become truly resilient

Successful business owners manage their businesses differently. They know that the secret to building a strong business requires investing in its growth...

How freelancing mothers are regaining business momentum in 2021

At vcita, we’ve seen close up just how hard the pandemic hit freelancing mothers. Many of us are working mothers ourselves, so we’ve lived the same struggle of trying to keep up with work while working from home, with our kids, in and out of lockdown...

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