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Grow: What does it take to scale your business?

Run: So you’ve started your own business…now what?

Build: all you need to know about starting a new business

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Better informed decisions for a better business with vcita Reports


A year in review: Summing up vcita’s 2021 small business survey

The pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for everyone, including the small business community. However, now two years in, we wanted to see how micro and small businesses were fairing and adapting their business strategies to the new norm.  Each year, we launch a survey for the SME community to “check in” and see how the community […]

SMART or PACT? Setting goals that work for you

Setting goals is a surefire way to build a business you’re proud of. By having clear and predefined objectives, you can better understand how to allocate resources, spend your time, budget, and plan the overall operations of your business...

6 Money management tips for small businesses

As a small business, money is one of your biggest assets, if not the biggest. It is important that you learn to manage it properly and plan well in order for your business to thrive and be sustainable...

Top small business trends to follow in 2022

With the end of each year comes a time to analyze, reflect, and then plan. It’s important to take a look at what we’ve learned and understand what that means for next year.  That’s why we’ve rounded up the top small business trends and outlined what you can expect from the small business landscape in […]

It’s not too late! 10 ways to prepare your business for 2022

Here we are again, another year, another set of New Year’s resolutions most of us won’t stick to. But preparing your business isn’t a New Year’s resolution, it’s your priority to get your business to where you want it to be next year.  If this year posed some challenges, you’ve learned how to overcome them […]

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