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The state of financial literacy among small businesses


Guide to CRM email marketing

If you’ve ever run an email marketing campaign or researched ways in which you can strengthen your customer relationships and simplify your sales management, chances are you’ve heard about customer relationship management (CRM) software.   The line between CRMs and email marketing tools can be somewhat blurry, but the simplest way to tell them apart is […]

How different businesses get paid using vcita

Money makes the world go ‘round and getting paid is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Let’s face it, without getting paid, you’d have no way to sustain your business and keep it running for the long term.  There are many obstacles for small businesses in getting paid such as late […]

Get the most out of your vcita experience with these top tips

So you’ve made the leap and done what’s best for your business: you signed up to vcita...

Top 10 must haves for your website

Having a good website might bring you some business, but having a great website will attract visitors and turn more users into engaged and active clients. If your website ticks off all the boxes of what a strong website should have, you are more likely to get discovered and booked by potential and existing clients...

10 Steps to successful client onboarding for small businesses

If you want to make it big in any business, creating a positive client experience should be at the top of your list of priorities. Since your clients are the main sources of success and sustainability, nothing’s as critical as a satisfied clientele...

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