How to boost customer experience in the digital age

These days, the average customer jumps from one digital channel to another with ease. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and laptops to search for and engage with a business, and yours should be one of them...

Getting started with CRM software: A beginner’s guide

If you aspire to build a successful, stable, and future-proof business, it’s critical to connect with your clients and find out a bit about their needs, desires, and expectations. However, although this client-centric approach to business has been around for the last couple of years, the process of sharpening these relationships can be quite a […]

Different types of CRMs (and which one to choose for your business)

To handle all the relationships and interactions your business has with its clients and prospective clients, you need to deploy CRM. In case you weren’t sure about what a CRM is, it’s short for ‘customer relationship management’, and includes all the strategies, tools, and techniques utilized in developing, growing, and retaining customer relationships.  When CRM […]

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