Meet the New vcita: The Full Story Behind our Rebranding

“A change would do you good,” Sheryl Crow famously said. This year at vcita, we’re hitting the ground running with good change...

Better Together: vCita Integrates with Square!

Think life’s good? It’s about to get infinitely better...

Email Marketing Blockbusters: New Quick-Send Templates that Nail the Sale

Marketing trends come and go but one thing never changes: Great businesses are built and run on relationships...

New! Win Major Extra Business with Automated Email Campaigns

Business calendar looking empty? Keep clients coming through your door all year round with our new automated email campaigns feature.

Automated Email Campaigns Are Coming: Here’s How You Can Prepare

Want to sell more of your time and services but don't know where to start? Our upcoming feature, Automated Campaigns, will do all the heavy lifting for you.

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