How vcita can help you balance new and existing clients like a pro

Having a busy business is a good thing, but it also comes with its challenges. On top of all the administrative work you have to do, learning how to create the perfect balance between servicing your existing clients and attracting new ones is a large part of the game...

Announcing auto-billing: a fully-automated, streamlined way to collect payments

No more chasing clients for open payments: Fully automate your payment collection process to make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Best way to get paid as a business owner? vcita’s new ‘Pay by Mobile’ app

Introducing "Pay by Mobile": the fastest, easiest way to get paid for your services and keep track of who paid you and who needs a friendly reminder.

Introducing vcita xperts: How to build your business & win new clients with our new reseller program

What if you could create a whole new revenue stream just by spreading the word about vcita? Sounds nice, right...

Hallo en welkom: Meet our new partners, HelpLink Africa

Meet our new partners, Helplink Africa: A Johannesburg-based startup set on a mission to transform small businesses in South Africa and beyond.

Introducing “Packages”: A Better way to sell your services

Need an instant injection of cash? How about builiding a loyal client base that pays you regularly? With vcita's new Packages solution, you get both.

Introducing vcita’s new online scheduler (exclusive images & story inside!)

As we roll out our new online scheduler, here's everything you and your clients can expect to see. Special Q&A edition with our Product Manager, Noa Gur.

Business Unusual: vcita & MasterCard Launch New CRM for SMBs

CRM Reloaded: vcita and MasterCard partner to create “Business Unusual” - a first of its kind education-based CRM, tailored for small businesses.

We Just Integrated with Zoom! Easy Online Video Appointments Now Available

Thinking of taking your services online? Thanks to our recent integration with Zoom, selling, marketing, and getting paid for your online video services is now easier than ever.

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