CRM software for small businesses like yours

Congratulations on your small business! Whether you’re starting out or already established, vcita is here to support you in your entrepreneurial endeavor. There’s a lot to juggle when running a small business, and vcita has your back with its customer management app. Our CRM tool handles quotes and invoicing, accounting, payments, scheduling, communication, and more, while automating many business aspects to streamline your daily workflow. Are you ready to learn more about CRMs and vcita?

What is an online CRM app for small businesses?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. An online CRM app assists in organizing the practices, strategies, and technologies of small or large businesses to serve and connect with their customers effectively. The purpose of a CRM is three-fold:

  • Strengthen the customer-business relationship

  • Retain customers;

  • And grow the business

Businesses engage with customers through a variety of outlets

Company website

Telephone calls

Live chat

Direct mail

Marketing materials

Social media

The best CRM system for small business enables business owners and employees to gain access to all customer information on one organized and customizable interface.

CRM software can import a customer’s personal information, purchase or enrollment history, buying preferences, concerns, alerts, interests, and more!

Benefits of a customer management software for small business

A customer relationship management platform, or CRM, provides comprehensive benefits to small businesses. With it, you can

  • Access and review all customer information in one location
  • Serve customers faster and thoroughly
  • Manage & update customer information easily
  • Find what you’re looking for in less time
  • Identify trends through detailed reports & visuals
  • Automate communication en mass
  • And streamline workflows with calendars, alerts & performance tracking

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What are the three types of customer relationship management software?

Collaborative CRM platform

Also known as a strategic CRM, collaborative CRMs focus on compiling all relevant user data for marketing, sales, and service purposes. For example, with a customer’s communications, purchase history, and notes all in one place, employees can address concerns or questions quickly.

Within a collaborative CRM, there are two main features–interaction and channel management. Interaction management handles what is communicated to your clients and by what means. Does the customer prefer a phone call, text, email, or in-person engagement? These insights allow you to improve your sales and marketing efforts while also providing a personalized experience to your users, proving they aren’t just a number.

Channel management takes those preferences and determines how to communicate with each customer. Such advanced automated features of a collaborative CRM increase overall productivity and improve user experience.

Operational CRM

An operational CRM takes care of the repetitive clerical tasks that pull employees away from more meaningful duties, like customer engagement, promotion, and sales growth. This type of solution also has automation CRM features that keep track of prospects and customer interactions, monitor potential sales, and assess marketing components.

Such programming aspects further free up resources from run-of-the-mill tasks to focus on customer relations and targeted marketing.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRMs focus on gathering information from multiple sources to highlight trends and patterns. Identifying customer patterns enables a business to develop new leads, boost customer service, and fine-tune marketing campaigns. Analytical CRMs are also equipped to provide analysis, forecasting, and reporting in one site.

All three types of client relationship management software are beneficial –it just depends on your small business’ needs.

The customer relationship management platform you need for your business

As a web all-in-one CRM app, vcita offers services, key features, and tools to make small professional business owners’ lives easier through four main components.

Manage your clients

Gaining and retaining clients is vital to any business’s survival. With an online customer relationship management tool, you have the foundation to build quality relationships and streamline interactions with your customers through effortless contact.

Maintaining customer information in an organized fashion will accelerate your sales pipelines. Make your clients feel like a valued aspect of your business, and you’ll be able to keep track of all client communication from one place.

vcita’s client portal lets your customers engage with your business whenever it suits their schedule. With this one-stop communication center, you can build customer trust, and provide perks, service deals, and opportunities via email and text messaging integrations.

Master your time

Productive workdays are essential to a business’ growth. By using a customer management app’s automated and scheduling features, you can make each day more impactful.

With an online CRM software for small business, clients can make bookings at any time and from anywhere! With calendar management capabilities, harness the power to schedule your workdays. Communicate with your clients about any upcoming events, get real-time notifications about customer-submitted appointments, and incorporate attendance and waitlist features.

Plus, reminders, requests, and follow-up communications can be sent automatically, freeing up more time to diligently serve your clients.

Don’t you find it difficult to remain on track while juggling different work-related activities? The best CRM software for small business keeps you on task and enables you to work from anywhere–create invoices, approving requests, accepting payments, and reviewing client accounts without being behind a desk. In addition, interfacing mobile and desktop options will save you and your team members’ time, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Maintaining customer information in an organized fashion will accelerate your sales pipelines. Make your clients feel like a valued aspect of your business, and you’ll be able to keep track of all client communication from one place.

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Get paid your way

All businesses want to receive payments regularly to boost cash flow. Effortless pricing, billing, and reporting can ease financial concerns.

Web CRM solutions for small business can store client credit card information with the utmost security and send reminder links for making online payments. That way, an automated message goes out with the push of a button, and you can collect payment in record time! These automated requests can be scheduled to go out at the end of each billing period via the dashboard, so there’s no need to ensure clients were notified or to track down payments. Billing periods are customizable too! You can set them to be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly –whatever suits your business best.

Create and send estimates through our business management app. Once clients view and sign the document through the client portal, you’ll get a notification and can quickly turn the estimate into one payable invoice online.

First-time clients can become devoted long-term customers when you bundle services and products, offer enticing credits and/or discounts.

And on the backend, you have access to informative dashboards that display current revenue and what payments to expect so you can better plan. This helps you know where your money is, when it’s deposited, and when you’ll have access to it.

Market like a pro

Easily reach your intended audience, build lasting client relationships, and develop leads for potential future customers with a top online CRM software for small business.

With client intake forms, receive notifications on new leads and contacts from your website, social media pages, and ad campaigns. On one centralized interface, gain insight into what potential customers are looking for and need. In addition, they can write reviews to help you improve a specific process or activity.

Grow your business, nurture client relationships, and share perks with returning clients with our easy-to-implement marketing components. Rewarding customers for loyalty is a great way to build credibility and healthy client-business engagement. Coupon codes and discounts can be designed in our mobile app without having to outsource.

All texts, emails, reminders, content, and coupons can be sent through automation. Take the extra step and make it more personalized: select from our range of email marketing templates and customize birthday and holiday greetings that reflect client appreciation.

Lawyer? Musician? Fashion designer?

If you provide a service you need vcita

Sales & Marketing

“Before it took 3 days to schedule an appointment with a client. Now it takes 20 seconds.

Brandon Klayman

Marketing & sales export

Entertainment & arts

I was able to triple my income because I had given clients the ability to book their own appointments

Patrick Osei

Recording studio owner

Beauty & Fashion

The online scheduling ability enables me to have a life as an entrepreneur and have a good flow to my day.

Janay Mallela

Wedding gown designer

What industries benefit from using CRM software for small businesses?

Great question! And the answer is simple–virtually any industry or field can benefit from using a customer management app, regardless of lead management, pipeline management, and other small teams.
Industries and individuals most commonly working with CRMs are:

Event planners & photographers
Freelancers & designers

Petcare & grooming services

Beauty services

Mobile CRM app

Why don’t you try our scheduling app for small businesses?

Take your clients with you everywhere you go. whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can take our mobile contact manager app for Apple and Android with you. From sending appointment invitations and accepting payments and sharing files, you and your clients can interact wherever you go.

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