Dear clients, friends, and partners,

As vcita celebrates its sixth anniversary, I’d like to take a moment to address what we’ve accomplished and share a little about the few steps ahead. We started our way as a tiny startup with a big vision: bringing 21st-century technology to service providers and small business owners, revolutionizing the way they manage their time, business and clients, and giving every service business the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Today, vcita is a go-to solution for over 100Ks service-based businesses worldwide. Whether our clients had found us on their own or through our strategic net of partnerships, vcita now plays a key role in service providers’ daily routine, and is becoming an integral part of managing a small business.

vcita is all about supporting a business’ lifecycle from A to Z. Our unique offering lies in integrating all different aspects of client communication into a single, powerful workflow. This is an ambitious project that is aligned with our team’s vision: creating an all-in-one, affordable solution that avoids the cost and hassle of plugging in multiple third-party tools.

What we’ve now come to understand is that in order to stay true to our vision, we need to take our payments module to the next level. Our upcoming improved payments module’s goal is to provide you with a complete, end-to-end payments solution that is fully integrated with your appointments, orders, lead nurturing and marketing efforts.

Our improved payments solution includes everything you need to effectively track, manage, bill and collect payments – from the first point of contact to closing. It includes new and exciting features like sending price estimates, processing credit card payments, managing refunds, issuing professional receipts and tracking payments received through any channel – in or outside the platform.

Most importantly, our payments solution will allow you to gain complete control and transparency of your own finances, without having to rely on an accountant or any additional third-party tools. It’s really as simple as it gets: having all your finances under one roof, seeing your projected income, having one-click access to billing, charging and receipting.

In the coming months, you’ll be noticing many changes as we gradually roll-out new features and enhance existing capabilities. Here are some of the main changes you can expect:

Payments Collection

Charge from back-office
Will allow you to charge clients via credit card

Vault credit card
Will allow you to securely store clients’ credit cards’ info to your files and easily charge clients for additional future services

Refund from back-office
Will allow you to instantly refund clients for overpayments or canceled orders as well as keep track of cash refunds you have made

Record and track partial payments
Will allow you to log any amount paid by the client and see the remaining balance at a glance

Close balance
Will allow you to charge clients for all remaining open payments – at once – and automatically mark all open payments as paid

Quotes, Invoices & Receipts

Send quotes/price estimates
Will allow you to create and send price estimates, receive “expiry” notifications for your quotes, and easily convert price estimates into invoices

Send professional receipts
Will allow you to send receipts for any service your clients had already paid for (clients who pay online will be automatically sent a receipt)

Send automated late payment reminders
Will allow you to send automated late payment reminders for overdue invoices

Issue one invoice for multiple services
Will allow you to send a single invoice for multiple services provided to the same client. Paying the invoice will mark all services as paid at once

As we progress into 2018, we are planning to introduce more features that will help you manage your client relationships, automate your everyday tasks and sell more of your services. Me and the entire vcita team would like to thank you for choosing vcita and for the trust and faith you put in us.

Your feedback has and continues to be a huge engine of growth for us and vcita would be nowhere near what it is today without it. I invite you to ask me any questions or post suggestions by replying to this post or through our dedicated Facebook group.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Itzik Levy
CEO & Founder, vcita