An abbreviation of ‘customer relationship management’, CRM is a critical part of any modern, self-respecting business. It includes all the techniques, strategies, and tools businesses use toward developing and nurturing relationships with clients. This helps them grow and improve their bottom line.

When talking about CRM, people usually refer to a CRM platform or software solution that specializes in this area of business management. Such products provide tools that store all client data in one place, track clients and their behavior patterns, identify sales opportunities, and more.

There are many different CRM products in the market, but not all of them are equally good, especially when it comes to practicality and ease of use. And you want to go for a less complicated tool because your team can get a hold of it more easily and use it more efficiently.

What to look for when searching for an easy to use CRM

Easy and simple setup

The less complicated the CRM solution’s setup process is, the sooner you and your team can start benefiting from it and there will be less room for error. So make sure you get a CRM product that has a quick and straightforward setup process, including integration, migration, adding users, setting permissions, creating customized fields, and so on.

Easy contact syncing

Your clients’ contact information is the building block of proper client management. Hence, a suitable CRM solution needs to facilitate easy synchronization of all client data across multiple systems to keep it up to date and eliminate any chance of inaccuracies. As a result, not only will your team be able to provide a better service, but the client experience will be improved as well.  

Easy integration with other tools you use

Managing your clients is an extensive and complex process and often a single tool isn’t enough to effectively cover all of its aspects. On top of that, your business may use additional tools to cover its other needs, such as payment gateways. If you’re using (or planning to use) these extra tools, the CRM you opt for has to be able to easily and quickly integrate with them. This will help your business grow and run smoothly along the way.

Easy accessibility from all devices

The CRM platform you decide to go for should allow you to access it from whichever device you or your employees are using. This helps a business stay relevant and active in situations where remote work is required, be it in the case of a pandemic, natural disaster, or unexpected power shortage. This will ensure that your business is at the disposal of your clients at all times.

Easy collaboration with the other team/staff members

The collaboration process between different teams across your entire business on the CRM platform needs to run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Therefore, the CRM of your choice must remove any obstacles in communication and data exchange, integrating activities between sales, marketing, and service. This way, it will simplify the interaction process for both your staff members and the clients.

Easy access to customer support

Regardless of how simple the CRM solution you pick will be, you might still encounter situations where you get stuck using it and need some expert assistance. This is why you need to choose a platform with accessible, quick, and friendly customer support whenever you need it. After all, you don’t want to let your business stop to a halt just because there was a feature you didn’t fully understand.

Easy and simple lead tagging according to the sales process

Tags are one of the most powerful features of a CRM system. Assigning tags to your leads allows you to organize them into groups based on preferences, backgrounds, and other special attributes that differentiate them. This helps you filter your database, identify special interest groups, form closer relationships with them, and optimize your services to meet their exact needs. For these reasons, simple tagging is a must in any CRM platform.

vcita’s easy to use CRM for small businesses 

There are many CRM solutions out there for small and medium businesses, each with its advantages and special features, as well as a different level of ease of use. Some, however, are better than others in this aspect. One of the best examples is vcita’s CRM and client management software, which incorporates all the above-listed aspects of an easy-to-use CRM.

It keeps all your leads and contacts in one centralized online hub, from where your entire team can access it. Thanks to its powerful collaboration options, it allows you to easily collaborate with your team, as well as assign clients and appointments to employees, facilitating productivity.

With vcita, you can get a bird’s-eye overview of all your client data, including appointment history, payment details, unpaid invoices, interactions with your business, and more. All this client data is available whenever you need it and wherever you are, on account of the platform’s user-friendly mobile app.

On top of that, your clients get a handy client portal where they can schedule appointments, pay for them, and share documents with you. They’ll never forget about an upcoming appointment thanks to the automatic reminders they’ll receive from your business, courtesy of vcita’s CRM software. It also facilitates sending post-meeting follow-ups inviting them to book again with you.

vcita’s CRM and other solutions are deployed in various industries, including healthcare, counseling, fitness, education, business services, legal services, beauty & fashion, and many others.

So if you’d like to take advantage of all the user-friendly and convenient features that vcita has to offer, you can do so easily, starting at only $29 per month – just sign up here. Not sure yet if vcita is the right choice for your business? Don’t worry – there’s a 14-day free trial option on the table, so you can feel the pulse of the platform before you make the final decision. We’re looking forward to meeting you!