Managing your caseload, keeping clients happy, and staying on top of an ever-changing legal landscape takes up enough of your focus as a lawyer. You don’t really have the time to manage invoicing, handle scheduling, or chase down documents that go astray, but you’re not sure how else to get these vital admin jobs done.

You might not be sure you’re ready to master new technology, but client relationship management (CRM) software that’s designed specifically for lawyers is the answer to all your prayers. It can take care of many time-consuming tasks like invoicing, payment processing, scheduling, and more, freeing you up to concentrate on practicing law.

A CRM for lawyers brings together everything you need to build better client relationships, improve firm productivity, and grow your practice into the thriving business you envisioned when you became a lawyer. Here’s all you need to know about what they can do for your business.

Why law firms need CRM software

CRM software like vcita helps any law firm to simplify day-to-day operations and save time on admin tasks. Using integrated software means you have a centralized system to handle key functions. No more wasted time switching between platforms for booking consultations, invoicing clients, processing payments, and managing your calendar.

When you use vcita, you get:

vcita’s CRM software also delivers deep insight into your clients and cases, because it accurately records the details of each client interaction. You’ll have a complete overview of each client’s background, needs, communications history, documents, payments, and more in one integrated system. This brings you:

  • A streamlined client intake process, with pre-set client profiles that prompt you to capture important details upfront.
  • Centralized client records so you have the full context for each client readily available without wasting time searching across systems and files.
  • The ability to send targeted communications that provide the right information to the right clients at the right time.

Key features to look for in a CRM for lawyers

A CRM built specifically for law firms should have features tailored to your unique needs. When evaluating options, look for a solution that includes:

  • Appointment scheduling software so you can efficiently manage consultations and court appearances. Having a comprehensive view of your schedule helps ensure you never double-book or miss an important meeting.
  • Automated workflows that automatically generate invoices, track payments, and send payment reminders and thank you emails to clients, saving you time and streamlining tedious tasks so you can focus on practicing law.
  • eSignature capabilities so clients can sign documents electronically. This expedites the signing process and eliminates printing, scanning and faxing paperwork back and forth.
  • Online payment processing, particularly built-in credit card processing so you can invite clients to pay securely online, straight from a link in their invoice.
  • A client portal to facilitate secure file sharing and communication. A portal also gives clients 24/7 access to documents, invoices, and messages in their case file, helping build trust and saving time answering basic client queries.
  • Marketing tools like email newsletters, social media integration, and the ability to capture new leads from your website, to help you attract new clients. Grow your firm by staying top of mind for current clients and sharing useful information with new leads.

vcita’s offers all of this and more, in a single CRM solution that’s tailored to the needs of legal professionals, giving you back time to focus on practicing law rather than managing the business of your firm.

Online payment processing means you get paid faster

Getting paid on time is crucial for any business, but for lawyers and law firms, fast and convenient payment processing is essential. Accepting online payments through a legal CRM and billing software like vcita can help speed up your cash flow.

Online payment processing allows your clients to pay invoices right from the invoice email or client portal at the click of a button, using credit card, ACH, or wire transfer. You can specify exactly which payment methods you want to accept; no more waiting for checks to arrive in the mail.

Offering multiple payment options also means your clients can pay in the way that is most convenient for them, which often translates into faster payments. You can encourage prompt payment by offering incentives like small discounts for clients who pay within a certain number of days, such as 3% off if the invoice is paid within 7 days. This type of incentive rewards good behavior and motivates others to pay more quickly.

As well as processing payments, vcita automatically updates your records about payments and client balances, saving your staff hours of manual data entry each week. The integrated dashboard provides detailed reporting and analytics on your revenue and accounts receivable, giving visibility into your cash flow and client behavior.

A client portal improves communication

A client portal like that offered by vcita allows your clients to interact with your firm whenever it’s convenient for them. They can log in 24/7 to view their booking and payment history, share documents, pay invoices, or schedule new appointments. This self-service option frees up your time and staff resources so you can focus on more important legal work.

Streamline appointment scheduling and payments

Through the portal, clients can view your availability and book or reschedule appointments at their convenience. They can also securely pay invoices and retainers online using a credit card.

Improve communication and transparency

The portal gives clients a window into your firm’s processes. They can see the status of their cases, view and download copies of important documents like contracts or case summaries, and check on progress. This transparency helps build trust in your services and strengthens the attorney-client relationship.

Increase efficiency

By allowing clients to handle routine tasks independently, you significantly lighten the burden on your staff. They spend less time fielding calls about scheduling or billing questions, and more time focusing on high-priority work. The portal also reduces errors and missed details that can happen with manual processes, helping your firm operate more efficiently and profitably.

A CRM for lawyers makes your firm more productive

Invoicing, payments, marketing, client portals, scheduling – a good CRM for lawyers brings it all together in one place to optimize time-consuming tasks, empower staff to work more efficiently, and enhance the client experience. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and professionalism, and you’ll gain valuable insights to help grow your business.