Today, there is an entire universe of marketing automation companies that cater to creating solutions around the entire concept of marketing automation. However, most of the software solutions in this space focus on businesses with millions upon millions of contacts and millions of dollars in marketing budgets. 

If you are a small business you likely don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in the budget to afford these marketing giants. The good news is that you don’t need to! Using an overly complicated and expensive marketing automation company is overkill for small businesses. If you run a small business, you probably don’t need (or want) fancy AI-based delivery optimization, advanced attribution analysis, or other advanced and complicated marketing automation features. 

However, without any kind of marketing tools in place, you might find yourself sending out marketing campaigns manually, and we all know that  can be time-consuming and stressful 

So what do you do if you want marketing automation, but don’t want to deal with giant marketing automation platforms? 

Small business owners need solutions for small businesses. Imagine you could send out marketing campaigns in a way that was easy, inexpensive, AND integrated with your existing CRM. Well, no need to imagine, since vcita offers just that!

When it comes to email marketing automation, vcita’s Automated Campaigns will cover the basics without over-complicated features or over-the-top pricing.  This allows small businesses the ability to get a taste of marketing automation, in exactly the way they need, with no unnecessary bells and whistles.     

What are vcita’s automated campaigns?

Just as the name implies, automated campaigns are both email and SMS campaigns that can be set up to be sent out automatically in response to a predetermined trigger. You set up the process once, and it runs on its own after that. No additional stress required!

Automated campaigns can be used to communicate with new clients, reengage clients that you haven’t heard from in a while, wish clients a happy birthday, and even collect feedback & reviews from clients. You set the trigger, and the automated marketing platform takes care of the rest.

In other words, automated campaigns take care of your marketing for you so that you can focus on other elements of your business. 

Automated marketing campaigns on vcita are super easy to use. The platform includes templates that can be easily edited to fit the specifics of any campaign. You can customize images, messaging, and the CTA, but don’t have to build anything from scratch. 

Why do I need automated campaigns?

Automated campaigns ensure a consistent flow of communication between your business and your customers. This helps foster relationships and build brand loyalty with your customers. 

You’ll find that using vcita’s automated campaigns will help you stay in front of your clients. Without adding any work for you or your team, you’ll create more engagements, which will lead to closing more deals and getting more money in the bank. 

Examples of automated campaigns on vcita

Let’s cover some of the most popular automated marketing campaigns used on our platform.

Birthday campaigns 

Birthday campaigns are sent out automatically to clients on their birthdays. Date-triggered campaigns are great for birthdays but can be used for any special occasion. One of the best ways to get your clients’ birthdays is by including a birthday field on your new client intake form.

Imagine it is your client’s birthday and they wake up to either an email or a text wishing them a happy birthday and telling them you are thankful to have them as a client. You can offer a special gift or coupon to show them some love. How cute is that?

Not only will they be thinking of your business in a positive light, but they will also come and redeem the gift and maybe spend some extra cash, it’s a win-win. 

Reactivation campaigns (a best-seller!)

You can use reactivation campaigns to reengage clients that you haven’t heard from in a while. Choose any period of time and if within that time period you haven’t had any interaction with a client, that person will receive a message checking in. 

For example, if you haven’t heard from a client in your predetermined 30-day period, on day 31 they will get an email asking how they are doing, giving them an update on things that might interest them, and inviting them to visit your website for more information or to book an appointment.

Welcome campaigns

Another example of a popular automated campaign on vcita is a welcome campaign. This campaign will send a message to every new client and can be set to go out after their first appointment, or after they subscribe to your mailing list. 

The messaging will usually express to the client that you are happy to have them and thank them for choosing your business. You can also include some contact information or give a short introduction. 

Review campaigns

The goal of a review campaign is to request that your clients leave a review after receiving a service. This campaign can be set to go out any number of days after a client’s visit. Reviews are great for small businesses and if a client is happy with the service, they are usually more than happy to leave a review when asked.  

Engage with your clients more efficiently with vcita 

Maintaining communication with clients is a must, but being consistent can be hard when it is being done manually. With vcita, small businesses can enjoy all of the perks of marketing automation software without breaking the bank or spending valuable time on building complicated campaigns, or learning how to use overly complicated workflows.

Ready to get started? Look for “Automated Campaigns” under “Marketing” on vcita’s main menu, and start sending automated campaigns as soon as today.