Top 30 business terms every entrepreneur should know

Learning business lingo is something every entrepreneur should do. Luckily, you only need a few holes in your schedule to get familiar with the most basic business terms...

Email marketing 101: The complete guide for small business owners

There are so many channels for small business owners to reach out to their audience, which is great, but with so many options available, choosing the right channel for digital marketing can be overwhelming. Email marketing dates all the way back to 1978, which might make it seem like the old-school route compared to newer […]

Make more money by upselling and cross-selling with vcita

For small businesses, learning how to raise the amount each client spends per purchase is an excellent way to increase overall cash flow. This might sound complex in theory, but there are actually some relatively simple sales strategies that can be used to make it happen...

Email drip campaigns 101

While email marketing is not dead, it has become more challenging. Your primary goal is getting your audience to commit to your call to action...

How using a CRM increases productivity and profits

Generating profit is a constant struggle for business owners. Not only are there uncontrollable external factors like the level of demand or the degree of market competition, but there are also internal factors that require constant adjustments.  Productivity is one of the best examples...

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