If we had a dollar for every post on Facebook marketing that told us to “create an engaging cover photo” or “share useful content,” we’d be able to retire and forget about Facebook marketing.

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But since no one is paying us – or you – to read clichéd tips on Facebook marketing, we wanted you to invest your time reading articles that actually contain some novel, immediately actionable ideas on how to get your business ahead on Facebook. 

The following are nine blog posts that meet that criteria, covering the different areas of Facebook marketing with non-cliché advice that you can implement as soon as you finish reading.


1. 7 Facebook Messenger marketing strategies you can try today

Action Area: Facebook Messenger

Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month. If you’re already using Messenger for marketing, these strategies will show you how to better tap its power. If you’re not using Messenger, well – why NOT?! 

In this post, Alfred Lua from Buffer outlines seven ways you can reach and convert potential clients through Messenger. Discover why Messenger might be your most effective channel for delivering content, generating leads, engaging people at events and more.

This post focuses on using Messenger for organic marketing (although it does give a strategy or two related to paid). If you want a comprehensive guide on paid marketing with Messenger, take a look at: Facebook Messenger ads: how to use them in your business.

2. 17 amazing examples of Instagram & Facebook Stories that convert

Action Area: Facebook Stories

Everyone loves a good story, right? We especially love stories that win customers… and those have to be extra good. 

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Hootsuite’s AdEspresso blog post has rounded up 17 real life examples of Facebook Stories that are primed to win customers. They point out what makes these stories so good, putting actionable advice right into your hands. The post’s section on “9 best practices to create high-converting social stories” makes it one to bookmark and revisit before any Story you create.

If you aren’t overly experienced with Facebook Stories, this is a comprehensive guide to getting started – and getting better – with Stories. Combine this basic know-how with the conversion-mad examples above, and you can go for the conversion gold.

3. 52 timeless Facebook Marketing ideas for the datadriven marketer

Action Area: Organic Posts

James Scherer, Content Editor over at Wishpond, has put together a massive post with 52 practical Facebook marketing ideas in four categories: posts, page optimization, ads and promotions/giveaways. Each idea has an example of this concept done well, giving you something to learn from even the more basic ideas. 

We particularly liked tip #9, about making product images more appealing by showing them in use by people. Rule of thumb: your product image should not resemble a still life. Show people wearing, using, playing with, eating or working with the product. Shout out also goes to tip #6 and its example for how to do “how-to” content well. 

4. How the Facebook algorithm works + 5 best practices (2021)

Action Area: Organic Posts

The Facebook algorithm has been slowly turning down the volume for brands – that is, unless you pay.

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But even as we fork over money, most of us businesses are still hoping to maximize the amount of people we can reach WITHOUT paying. To stand a chance, you need some knowledge of how Facebook’s algorithm works, and how you can work it to your advantage. 

This post by powerhouse marketing agency Tinuiti gives a clear breakdown of the Facebook algorithm, identifies which of the factors you have control over as a business, and directs where you should put your efforts to show up in people’s newsfeeds. 

Best takeaway: Your content should inspire people to engage without having to ask for it. 

DON’T write on your posts “please like, share or comment.” 

DO write posts that innately inspire people to like, share or comment.

5. 24 amazing, real-world Facebook giveaway examples

Action Area: Contests and Giveaways

There’s nothing like a contest to raise your Facebook fans’ dopamine levels. But not just any contest will do. While we’ve heard it said that running a contest that gets no entries is almost like a hazing ritual for marketers, we’d like to spare you that experience. 

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In this great post by James Scherer of Wishpond, he profiles 24 successful giveaway examples, with exact ROI statistics and an analysis of what made each of them successful.

For example: “This giveaway had 24,400 views and a conversion rate of 45.69%, generating 11,200 email addresses for 10 prizes worth about $30 each.” Apply this post’s takeaways to any contest you’re planning, and you’ll come out a winner.

Bonus: if you’re having a hard time being more creative than “Comment to Win!”, check out this list of 23 Facebook Giveaway Ideas to Grow Your Business. Among the ones we liked the most: Share Product Hacks, Visit In-Store and Scavenger Hunt.

6. 163 Facebook ad examples you can’t help but copy

Action Area: Advertising

You have to be dedicated to write a list post with over 160 examples. And Evan Oliver, KlientBoost’s Director of Marketing, doesn’t just list them. He actually analyzes every single one of these 163 successful Facebook ad examples and explains why they work. 

Whatever your business is, there’s likely to be an example here from which you can draw some actionable (and profitable) takeaways. Need we say more?

7. Facebook for business success stories

Action Area: Advertising

The sub-header of this Facebook for Business resource page reads: Case studies such as these inspire and motivate us. See how businesses similar to yours are growing with Facebook marketing.

If Facebook has chosen these case studies from among the 10 million advertisers who run campaigns on its platform each month, they’re likely a good example of what can be done and what you can do to get it done. 


You can sort the case studies by industry, geographic region, business size, ad objective and more.  Definitely worth checking out to see what you can steal… uh… emulate.

8. 22 Facebook marketing tips for small businesses on a budget

Action Area: Advertising

This Wordstream post has its fair share of same-old Facebook marketing tips, but we thought it was worth a mention just for tip #18: using Facebook Custom Audiences to retarget users who have watched your videos.

This tip is brought in the name of Andrew Schutt, founder of internet marketing firm Elevated Web Marketing. Schutt explains that he runs campaigns with informational videos to cold audiences (for example, why teeth cleanings are important). Then he retargets audiences who watched over a certain percentage of the video and shows them campaigns with an offer (for example, a discounted teeth cleaning for new patients).

This is taking “let the customer qualify themselves” to the next level.

9. How much should you invest? Planning your Facebook budget

Action Area: Advertising

It’s amazing how many small businesses we have seen throw money at Facebook ads without planning out what would be an acceptable ROI. 

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If you’re guilty of this iniquity, take the time to go over this post from Jacob Baadsgaard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising. 

It’s pretty basic… but then, sometimes you need to go back to basics. 

2021 = the year of Facebook marketing?

It can be. It’s up to you.

Get out of your comfort zone. Step away from “posting useful content” and “changing your cover photo” yet again. Dig deep and you’ll soar high.

Facebook can become your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… if you put in the effort to master it.