You’re on Facebook relatively often, right? When was the last time you saw a non-sponsored post from a business in your News Feed?

Yeah, we thought so.

Organic reach for business pages on Facebook has been dying for so long that it’s a wonder any non-sponsored posts ever show up at all.

It’s been “pay to play” for years, but in case you haven’t started the game yet (or you have, but with less-than-stellar success), we’re about to show you some great Facebook ads for selling services – and how you can make their tactics yours.

Ad #1 – Yoga Burn

Inspirational strategy: all-inclusive visual

If the average picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth at least two thousand. Here’s why:

1. The name of the company is in the image

Instead of relying on a viewer noticing the teeny text that says who sponsored the ad, Yoga Burn gets their brand in big letters in the visual itself. Ads that leave the brand name and logo until the end of the video (or the landing page) miss a big branding opportunity. Now even if a viewer doesn’t click the ad, the Yoga Burn name has still been, err… burned into their mind.

2. The actual service professional is in the image

To risk stating the obvious, people want to connect with people, not logos. And Yoga Burn doesn’t use a stock image or even a happy customer; they put the actual owner, Zoe Bray-Cotton (looking fantastic) face-to-face with her audience.

3. The actual product you’ll get is in the image

Thanks for actually showing me the thing that you want me to buy. It’s so obvious… that most ads don’t do it. If you do, it’ll put you ahead of the game.

The brand + the service professional + the product. This image does triple-duty.

Ad #2 – Career Coach Mo Faul

Inspirational strategy: Myth-debunking

There’s no better way to get someone’s attention than to tell them that what they’ve always held true is a myth. (They may beat you over the head for it, but attention you will get.)

This ad cries “myth” in all caps, right at the top. WOMEN: “EARNING CAPS ARE NONSENSE”.

Lucky for career coach Mo Faul, this is the kind of idea that her audience wants dispelled. No beating over the head danger here.

The following chunk of text clarifies what the myth is, and the third chunk of text does the debunking. (And we can’t help being way impressed with the exact point where the text gets cut off by the ad character limit. “And if you’re a smart executive woman who’s heard that before…” If a reader got that far, there’s no way they’re not clicking “Read More.”)

Are there any myths in your industry that could use debunking? Put out that debunking bait… and reel them in!

Ad #3 – Freelance Copy and Content Writer

Inspirational strategy: Simplicity

Sometimes cutting out all the clutter is the way to go. In this ad, the copy is short, sweet and straightforward. It gets its message across, while allowing the visual to stand out.

The visual itself is outstanding in its simplicity. The starkness of black and white against the color, color, COLOR! of most Facebook posts makes it creative and eye-catching. The condensed written content leaves it uncluttered. The weird situation being depicted in the image itself makes you want to click to see more. 

Here, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Inspirational strategy #2: Use the right call-to-action button

Facebook offers about 20 CTA button options, from the generic “Learn More” to industry-specific CTAs like “See Menu” and “Get Showtimes.” The availability of any given CTA is dependent on which ad objective you choose.

Copywriter Siobhan O’shea didn’t send her interested viewer on to a “Learn More” landing page, which might give them more information, but would also give them a chance to wander away. Instead, she used the CTA of “Send Message,” giving her the potential to open up a conversation right away with potential customers. 

Especially if you sell well through conversations, consider using a “Send Message” CTA. And even if you don’t, look carefully through the CTA button options, weigh your choices, and choose the best one for your business.

Ad #4 – Ray Higdon

Inspirational strategy: Exclusivity

Everyone wants to feel selected, special and like they stand out in the crowd. This ad taps into that inner desire:

“This is a special invitation, only if you’re seeing this ad RIGHT NOW.”

What does the average viewer think when they see that? “Hey, whoa! This ad is talking to me!” It enhances your feeling that you’re one of a limited, select group and you’re being given a special opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Inspirational strategy #2: Pique curiosity

Okay, come on – what is going ON in that visual? Why is the guy on the floor? Is he asleep? Unconscious? Dead?

And what is that woman going to do?

And what does any of that have to do with the ad copy?

Don’t you want to know?

Of course you do. And that’s why you’re going to click play.

Ad #5 – Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist

Inspirational strategy: Go local

We’re not sure where Melanie Harris is from, but in this ad, she comes across as a Perth local talking to her fellow “Perth babes!”

If you serve a certain geographic location, naming the place and using casual, familiar language will make your business more appealing. You’re not just a service provider; you’re an insider, a friend.

By the way, you don’t actually have to be a local to do this.

This is only one of Melanie Harris’ ads. She has an identical ad addressed to “Melbourne babes!”

Inspirational Strategy #2: Show off your expertise

When it comes to aesthetics, what you see is what you get.

Your potential clients definitely want to see examples of what you can do. In the video in this ad, Melanie shows her potential clients her work, proving that she deserves the title “globally recognised brow boss.”

If you’re a professional who specializes in hair, makeup, nails, or any other niche where clients are paying you to make them look beautiful, use images and videos to show them exactly what they’ll get.

Ad #6 – Fiverr

Inspirational Strategy: Contrasting colors

This ad caught my eye, which is great. That’s precisely what they wanted it to do.

By putting an unlikely pair of colors in a color block, right next to each other, the designers made sure that you would look here. Then they put the sift colors in the middle with a picture that starts the video. Your eye is drawn to look, your finger is drawn to click… and if the video lives up to expectations, your wallet will be drawn to make a payment.

This ad is smart art.

Inspirational strategy #2: Show, don’t tell

Okay, so they also tell you what they’re offering, but the ad copy really just serves as a nudge toward the video. The copy tells you that the Fiverr professionals can “bring your logo to life with beautiful, eye-catching animations.” But the video shows you clearly what kind of beautiful, eye-catching animations the Fiverr professionals could be bringing to life… for you.

Ad #7 – Stylist Emily Henderson

Inspirational strategy: Catchy content

Stylist Emily Henderson packs a ton of info into that short paragraph of text. We find out what she does, what she wants to do for us, and what deal she’s giving us. All in a teeny tiny bit of content.

Keeping it straight to the point is exactly, well, on point.

Keep it punchy, people!

Ad #8 – Beauty and the Boutique

Inspirational strategy: Emojis!

Emojis are ubiquitous in messaging, but their presence is less felt in ads. Take advantage of that while it lasts!

But don’t just stick in a few smileys for kicks. Use emojis that enhance the text and actually help communicate your message.

The emojis in this ad not only catch the eye, but offer a visual representation of the emotions the ad wants to express. The facepalming emoji perfectly captures that “I look tired without makeup” feeling. In marked contrast is the “hooray!” emoji when she tells you that “these products make such a difference.”

How can emojis underscore your ad message? Head over to a site like and you can browse or search specific terms.

Inspirational strategy #2: Sharing routines

There is a new trend in “how to” videos, and this makeup artist is hopping on the bandwagon.

Instead of saying “I’ll teach you X or Y,” the new twist is to use an example, like a celebrity, model, or in this case, a make-up artist, and show their routine for themselves.

Uber-celebs like Jennifer Lopez are sharing their skin care routine (she is known, among other things, for her amazing skin). This is an incredible sell, because it’s so authentic. When it doesn’t seem authentic, like a certain Kardashian who shall not be named’s skin care routine, it doesn’t sell.

Instead of saying “let me show you how,” say “watch what I do, and look at me for the result.”

This is a great idea for fitness pros, health services, chefs and any service professional who is their own star client.

Ad #9 – The Angry Therapist

Inspirational strategy: Be timely

“Give yourself the gift… this year” evokes holiday season emotions for everyone. This ad focuses on the “treat yourself” aspect of gifting. Your friends and family aren’t the only ones who deserve presents; so do you!

The new year approaching is also a great time to sell services that promise sought-after change in people’s lives. Better relationships? Weight loss? Keeping in shape? Now is the time to raise your hand as THE one who can help clients live up to those New Year’s Resolutions.

This ad also taps into timeliness with a deadline. Both the visual and the headline mention that the offer is only available until Cyber Monday. Create that sense of urgency so your customer will jump on your offer now before they miss their opportunity.

Inspirational strategy: Show them the result

This ad visual pictures a couple in a joyous, fun embrace. It is clear that they are enjoying a vibrant, loving relationship – subliminally promising that this is what you’ll get by signing up.

If you’re going to go with this strategy, make sure the result pictured is a realistic one. This couple really looks happy with each other, but they are not locked in a stereotypical, over-the-top movie embrace; they look real.

Ad #10 – Trainer Tony Horton

Inspirational strategy: Freebies

Who doesn’t love a good freebie?

Everyone wants free stuff. They want it even if they don’t need it.

Tap into people’s innate desire to get something for free that they think would normally be paid for.

Once you get them through the door, establishing you and your products and services as worthwhile, the rest of the selling process becomes much easier.

If you go this route, make sure that your freebie is valuable in and of itself, as well as being a stepping stone to your paid offerings.

Ad #11 – Yours!

We’ve given you 10 inspirational ads encompassing 16 valuable service-selling ad strategies. Now it’s your turn.

Pick the strategy or two that apply best to your business and offerings. Get into your Facebook ad account, throw caution (but not your budget) to the winds and test ads until you come up with the one that knocks it out of the park.

And when you do, send us a copy of the ad. We could always use some inspiration.