Any business owner knows that having a dependable payment processing service is digital commerce 101.

While vcita does offer users the option to process credit card payments directly through the platform, up until recently, the payments were being channeled through a third-party payment gateway. 

While there is nothing wrong with these vendors, we decided that our clients would benefit more if we went down the proprietary route, which is where our very own processing services come in! 

We figured if you’re using vcita to run your business, why not do everything in-house?

What’s vcita’s integrated processing and why do I want it?

We launched our very own payment gateway, which is exciting for vcita users for a number of reasons. 

There are plenty of potential complications which can present themselves when it comes to payments and payment processing. Sometimes you’re faced with a chargeback, or you’re not sure when to expect your money in the bank, or you’re experiencing a technical issue and need to turn somewhere for assistance or direction. 

With vcita’s integrated processing, all of the support you need is in one spot! 

Gone are the days of spending hours on hold with third-party processors only to be told they can’t help you with your issue and for you to be sent back to square one. Vendor bouncing (being bounced from one vendor to another with each relinquishing responsibility) can be not only a significant time-suck, but also exhausting.

Whether you are looking for help setting up your CRM or scheduler, or with a credit card issue, at vcita, our agents are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

We know that maintaining positive customer relationships is key, which is why we don’t just offer average support. Our support agents are super available and service-oriented, meaning you won’t need to chase them down to get the help you need. We are now on-demand, even for credit card processing.

Another perk of processing payments with vcita is that you won’t have to log in to any other platforms to see the specifics of your transactions. No more flipping back and forth between your vcita and gateway vendor tabs to check whether or not a payment came through. 

All your transactions can be found within the vcita platform and are organized into designated reports, so you can access all the info you need in just a couple of clicks.   

Who is eligible to use the service?

At the moment, vcita’s integrated processing is available to most industries, but not to all just yet. We’ll be expanding over time, as we’re ramping up this new service we created just for you. For now, if you’re already using vcita and are interested click here to start the application process, if you’re not a user yet, start a free trial

How much will vcita pay cost, as compared to what I’m paying now?

We know you’re wondering where we stand in terms of pricing. Let’s start by saying our prices are highly competitive with existing payment processing services. 

But don’t take our word for it, we’ll let the numbers do the talking:

Transaction Fees: 2.90% + $0.30 

Payout: 2 Days

Support: vcita priority support

In other words, our fees are comparable but we also include round-the-clock support in every department where our competitors don’t.

What else is in it for me?

If you’re already using vcita for certain aspects of business management like invoicing and collections, why not use vcita’s processing for the wire portion of payments as well?

That being said, vcita is so much more than the technical piece of the wire transfer puzzle. What really benefits businesses is everything that comes along with the processing

In addition to getting your money in the bank, vcita allows you to streamline the entire collections process from start to finish. Virtually every part of the payment process can be automated: from clients getting automated payment reminders, to them being able to click and pay seamlessly. 

The entire billing workflow on vcita allows you to orchestrate a seamless system of requesting, accepting, and speeding-up payments.

For instance, take Henrietta Robinson’s authorized certification testing company, Get Certified America! LLC. Henrietta’s startup provides certification exam services throughout the US and surrounding territories. 

The good news? Henrietta’s business is booming. The challenge? Managing all stages of student activities, from processing payments to scheduling hundreds of tests per month.  

Henrietta knew that in order to handle the workload, she would need to automate as many procedures as possible, including the payment process. 

Enter vcita’s integrated payment gateway!

On the vcita platform, all monetary transactions are uncomplicated and easy. Students simply pay when they schedule their tests, and Henrietta no longer has to worry about having to manually process payments. 

vcita allows Henrietta to automate the entire process, from subscriptions to payment reminders and invoicing, which is both convenient for her clients and increases the profitability of her business. 

One of the best parts about vcita’s integrated payment gateway is that when the occasional question or concern comes up, Henrietta knows she can count on vcita support to help her resolve everything quickly.

Getting your money in the bank is just one part of getting paid. The wire itself is technically important, sure, but what makes vcita so valuable is everything that surrounds the wire. It comes down to the ability to streamline your entire collections process. Where else can you find one place to create subscriptions, automate all your payment reminders, and collect your deposits? 

vcita is the best option for your small business payments.

vcita is more than your run of the mill billing platform, it puts the power in your hands and gives you the ability to orchestrate your entire collections process the way you want it to be!

If you are already using vcita for invoicing and collections, why not use it for the wire itself? Using one solution means spending less time chasing and worrying and more time doing what you do best, providing the best possible service to your clients.