If you’ve been neglecting your exercise routine due to COVID-19, you’re not alone.

The gym’s closed. You’re stuck at home. Carbs are the only thing keeping you sane right now.

Hey, we’re not here to judge you — we’re here to help!

Listen: getting your workouts is crucial for both your mental and physical health.

From releasing those feel-good endorphins to getting your nervous energy out, exercising is especially helpful

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Oh, and working out also improves your focus and helps you build a better daily routine.

Maybe that’s why there’s a link between successful entrepreneurs and exercise.

The good news? There are tons of totally free online fitness classes you can take right now regardless of your schedule.

We’ve broken down ten awesome options below regardless of your fitness level or goals.

1. Cardio Home Workouts to Burn Some Serious Calories

Ah, classic cardio! Getting your heart-rate up is great for both burning calories and giving yourself a much-needed energy buzz after you’ve been cooped up in the house. As such, cardio workouts are ideal to do first thing in the morning or when you’re on the verge of an afternoon crash.


POPSUGAR Fitness is one of the most followed workout channels on YouTube for a reason.

High-res videos? Check.

Real-time workouts that make it easy for viewers to follow along? Yep.

Literally hundreds of videos to choose from? Yeah, that too.

With POPSUGAR’s library, you can find a cardio workout that fits seamlessly into your schedule. For example, their library has everything from five-minute beginner workouts to 45-minute sessions for folks who really want to feel the burn.

Honestly, there’s something for everyone here. Specialty workouts (think: pregnancy, no-equipment, barre workouts) highlight just how deep POPSUGAR’s library is. If you’re on the hunt for free fitness classes and don’t have access to a gym, these videos can do the trick.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Let’s say you’re looking for more of a one-on-one, personal trainer vibe from your workouts.

If so, you need to check out Lucy Wyndham-Read’s YouTube channel. Like POPSUGAR, her videos range from short to long and are fair game for people of all fitness levels. Lucy has recently started putting out more COVID-19-related content such as virtual walks for those of us who can’t get outside.

The fact that Lucy flies solo gives her videos a different sort of feel. Her positive personality and motivational spirit always manage to shine through each workout, almost to the point where it feels as if she’s coaching you directly. With Lucy, you’ll never feel like you’re working out alone.

2. De-stress (and Stretch!) with a Home Yoga Workout

We could all use a bit of an escape these days, right? Yoga allows you an opportunity to relax and work out at the same time.

The beauty of modern yoga workouts is that there’s something for everyone. Want to get a serious stretch? Would you rather focus on your breathing rather than an intense workout session? No problem.

Note that many yoga studios across the country are offering free or discounted classes online in response to the pandemic. If you have a local or go-to studio, make sure to check out their Facebook page or Instagram to see what their offerings might look like.


Sarah Friedlander Yoga

Sarah is an awesome example of someone who’s making the most of the current situation, teaching live yoga classes each and every morning from her home studio in Israel. She keeps her hours front-and-center on her Facebook business page.


Sarah’s goal is simple: to reach people with a wide range of yoga experience during this pandemic. The nice part about broadcasting via Facebook is that it’s easy for followers to catch up on videos later if they can’t watch them in real-time.

Cole Chance Yoga

Cole Chance is another excellent yoga teacher, boasting a YouTube channel with 100+ videos to help you relax, stretch and strengthen your core muscles. From short breathing exercises to longer recovery sessions, Cole offers a little bit of everything. Her videos are often coupled with relaxing, ambient tones to help you get into the zone during your workouts.

A great added bonus of Cole’s instruction is that she explains the anatomy behind each movement: you know exactly what muscles are getting worked and why. These small tidbits of information are useful for improving your form and retaining poses in the future.

3. Get Moving with Zumba and Dance Classes

If you’re in the camp that thinks that working out can’t be “fun,” think again. Zumba is the combination of music and exercise for folks who might be bored by traditional programs and workouts. Put on your sweats, channel your inner Richard Simmons and make sure you have plenty of space to move around!

STRONG Nation by Zumba

Either through their YouTube channel or official site, the free lessons offered by STRONG Nation feel like something you’d pay for. Intense workouts with professional production value? Yes please!

A combination of standard Zumba workouts combined with muscle-specific workouts makes it a cinch to work out at your own pace. You can either do the workouts in order or skip around based on your needs and activity level.

Zumba with Dovydas

Dovydas is a Lithuania-based Zumba teacher who absolutely oozes with enthusiasm.

His YouTube channel offers dozens of energetic Zumba routines that are oftentimes set to recent pop hits. A fun, full-body workout that feels more like a dance session, Dovydas is a solid channel to start with if you’re bored by old-school exercise.

Dovydas’ Zumba videos are designed for all fitness levels. Oh, and he also has workouts that you can do with your kids so you can help them get their energy out, too. Beyond YouTube, Dovydas posts playful previews on Instagram and likewise motivational Stories and clips of his fans following along with his routines.

4. Feel the Burn with Free Pilates Classes

If you’ve never done pilates before, you’re in for a treat. Not totally unlike yoga, pilates workouts focus on posture and breathing but are traditionally a bit more intense. A great way to build core muscle strength, pilates are perfect for anyone looking to build some muscle without much in terms of equipment.

Upside-Down Pilates

Upside-Down Pilates’s YouTube channel is a straightforward introduction to pilates. Most sessions are about 10 minutes long, allow you to mix-and-match or just get a single session in if you’re pressed for time. That said, the channel does include some longer workouts (30+ minutes) and many sessions which don’t require any equipment.

Viewers are coached through each session step-by-step, perfect for beginners looking to build muscle in a minimalist way.


Blogilates is one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube, period. Her channel offers mostly short, sub-15-minute routines that combine pilates with music. Not only will Blogilates’ routines help you build muscle, but also boost your mood thanks to her bubbly personality.

If you’re looking for extra motivation and content, likewise check out her Instagram page which includes additional tips and how-tos.

5. Mix It Up with Variety Workouts!

Let’s say you’re down for “whatever” when it comes to your workout. Hey, we like your spirit! From weight workouts to bodyweight sessions, consider classes that don’t require you to commit to a specific style of fitness.

Planet Fitness

One of the United States’ largest gym chains, Planet Fitness has put together some stay-at-home classes as a result of closures due to COVID-19.

In short, Planet Fitness offers free fitness classes daily that are open to everyone, including non-members, streamed live over Facebook and then available on-demand via their website.


Each class is less than 30 minutes and often requires no equipment. With a rotating cast of teachers and workout styles, Planet Fitness can provide some serious variety to your routine.

Spark People

Spark People offers a massive repository of fitness videos which pretty much includes “all of the above” in terms of workout options.

Chair workouts? Jump rope? Stretching and recovery? Yep, all of that and more.

With workouts on the shorter-side, Spark People’s sessions are great for anyone on a tight schedule. On the flip side, you can put together your own unique routine based on their library to focus on problem muscles or techniques you’re looking to improve.

Ready to Get a Quarantine Workout In?

Listen: to say that we’re living in uncertain times is a total understatement.

So anything you can do to focus on your health and bring some stability into your schedule is a plus.

Hopefully this list of workout options helps with that.

And don’t forget that the team at vcita is here to assist with everything from small business solutions to being your biggest cheerleader during this whole situation.

Remember: you’ve got this!