Having a busy business is a good thing, but it also comes with its challenges. On top of all the administrative work you have to do, learning how to create the perfect balance between servicing your existing clients and attracting new ones is a large part of the game.

On one hand, you want to make sure your existing clients get the experience they rightfully deserve, but on the other hand, you still want to grow your business and be available to new clients that are interested in your services.

Luckily, vcita has all the tools you need, including a couple of new features, that will help you gain new clients without compromising the quality of experience for your existing clients.

Personalized client portal

vcita’s personalized client portal allows your existing clients to engage with your business more often and get the experience consumers are demanding today. More people are looking for services that offer a digital portal where they can view their payments and invoices, schedule appointments, communicate with you directly and more, and this portal provides them with all that.

The client portal is also an impressive service that you can offer to new clients to get them excited about your services and the benefits they receive from working with you. It allows you to compete with the bigger brands that are offering similar digital services and keep up the professionalism of your business.

Online scheduling

Availability is one of the major struggles of balancing new and existing clients. You only have so much time in a day and to be able to split that between the two demographics can prove to be nearly impossible and oftentimes, something falls through the cracks. 

With vcita’s online scheduling, you can be available to new and existing clients 24/7 by allowing them to schedule with you at their convenience, and based on your preset terms. You decide when you are available, and they choose the times that best work for them. This makes sure your existing clients can book appointments with you, and at the same time, you’re not worrying about missing out on new opportunities.

New – Appointment confirmation requests

Your time is precious, and having to use it to chase no-shows or fill up last minute cancellations is a hassle you shouldn’t have to deal with. With our newest appointment confirmation requests you can reduce no shows and last minute cancellations by keeping your appointments at the top of your clients’ minds. 

A text reminder of the appointment will be sent out to your clients with a link asking them to confirm their arrival ahead of time. This will better help you plan your days and make use of freed up time in a more efficient way. Knowing who is showing up and how many free slots you have available will help you decide whether you can fit in a new client or give priority to an existing client that needs you.

New – Booking restrictions and appointment approval

Onboarding a new client is exciting but also demands proper preparation. You want to make sure you are keeping up with which appointments are new clients and which are existing. Our new booking restrictions and custom appointment approval helps you filter between new and existing clients when they book an appointment with you so that you can provide more personalized client experiences.

Booking restrictions allow you to offer appointment priority to existing clients and create a form for new clients to fill in so that you can vet them before you begin working with them. This will help make sure you don’t waste an appointment time on a potential client that doesn’t suit your business or that you find you cannot service.

The custom appointment approvals feature allows you to automate who can request an appointment and who would need to go through an onboarding call first, for example, helping you balance new and existing clients automatically and without the hassle.

New – Waitlists for your services

It sucks when you set up a group event, such as a class, and then end up having much less attendees than you originally expected. 

With vcita’s waitlist feature, you can now automate the entire event registration process from end-to-end. From self service booking to auto-filling of empty spots, you will make sure your events are fully booked every time. Plus, having the waitlist not only makes your event seem more lucrative, it also helps you improve the service and client experience you offer by never actually turning anyone down and having the resources to support any client who wishes to join a group event.

Lastly, the fact that your events are always fully booked means you increase your bottom line and maximize your income from events.

It’s all about balance

Throughout your journey as a small business owner you will find yourself being pulled into many directions. From having to manage your time, money and clients, to growing your business and everything in between, it can be overwhelming to say the least.

With the new features complementing the tools you already have at your fingertips with vcita, you can balance new and existing clients without ever compromising either client’s journey with your business. You’ll look more professional than ever and reduce the stress of having to miss out on one or the other.