Let’s face it: one of the biggest headaches of owning a business is chasing your money. It’s time-consuming, tiring, and can be quite uncomfortable when you have close relationships with your clients. 

Today we’re announcing a new feature that will definitely alleviate that uncomfortable pain: Auto-billing. It allows business owners like yourself to fully automate the payment collection process. That’s right, hands-free payment collection – no more chasing open payments and overdue invoices, just a simple automatic way to collect all of your payments on a regular basis.  

This new feature allows you to send payment links or invoices automatically in a way that fits your business workflow. Whether you collect daily, weekly, or monthly, use invoices for your business or use payment links – auto-billing has you covered. 

Automation made easy 

Setting up auto-billing is straight-up simple. Just select your preferred payment cadence and method of collection. A couple of clicks and your clients will begin to receive payment requests automatically, so you can go back and focus on growing your business and investing more time with clients.

Since we know automation is a big step for your business, we’ve made transitioning to auto-billing easier by providing transparency of the process. A simple and intuitive dashboard provides a breakdown of all automatic payment requests sent to your clients, including those that got lost on the way due to a missing email address or phone number, so you never lose track of your payments.   

What’s in it for you?

Improved cash flow, better decision making

Introducing automation into your payment collection process not only improves your ability to collect but also improves your ability to make forecasts and better financial decisions. 

When you have appointments booked months ahead, it’s good to know that payments for those services are collected on time. This allows you to plan ahead, whether it’s investing in business expansion or saving for your summer vacation

Never miss another dime

Keeping track of your outstanding payments can be a lot of work. Spreadsheets on excel, email reminders in your inbox, texting via your phone, not to mention the mental strain it takes to ensure you’re getting paid every dime you are owed. 

By using auto-billing, your payments are tracked and payment requests are sent for you, so the outstanding payment remains at the tops of your clients’ minds. The email reminders, SMS reminders, tracking and accepting of payments are all done from one place, so you can get rid of the 4-5 other tools you’re using and make sure you are getting paid on time, every time. 

Better experience for you and your clients

Auto-billing improves customer experience.

Automation makes life easier for everyone. With the ability to charge, invoice, and accept payments, you are not only making work more efficient for you, but your clients are gaining an experience that makes their work with you more efficient as well. Letting your clients pay online, at their convenience, improves your professional image and offers a seamless advantage that most will likely take.

Plus, enabling clients to pay online, automatically, increases the chances of you getting paid on time, decreasing the amount of time you’ll have to spend chasing them down for payment.

Auto-billing saves you from the big headaches

Auto-billing is going to be the answer to many of your biggest pains when it comes to payments. Alleviate the stress and discomfort of chasing payments with automated reminders, always see the big picture of your finances, and make well informed decisions about what to do with your money, all while improving your clients’ experience when working with you. Our auto-billing feature will help you stop feeling like you’re chasing and instead, start effortlessly collecting payments.

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