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Library of 15 brochure templates for small businesses

brochure templates

15 Brochure templates for any industry

Want to create a professional, attention-grabbing, and modern brochure that reflects your brand voice but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – we got you covered. Here you’ll find all the tips, tricks, and tools to design the perfect brochure that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

business consultant brochure

Business consultant

Brochures in the business consultancy field need to instill confidence. After all, business owners will rely on your advice to keep them going and reach success. To make sure your brochure achieves this, describe your company and outline your services clearly and succinctly. Use professional color combinations (like black and white).

Our business consultancy brochure template helps you strike that professional yet interesting tone, allowing you to describe your services in bullet points. You can also prominently list all your contact details, along with a map of your location. You can fully customize all the details.

This way, you’ll promote your services to potential clients, make your firm known, as well as stay in the spotlight among the target audience.

lawyer brochure

Law firm

If you’re practicing law, either as an individual or firm, your brochure should be simple yet informative. It should list your practice areas, special accomplishments, and contact information. It’ll also help to include location maps, a mission statement. This is a great way to attract new clients, offer additional services to existing ones, as well as stay in the limelight.

Our template for a law firm brochure is persuasive, professional, and stylish. It allows you to visually present your practice in a way that evokes confidence in your expertise. At the same time, it lets you summarize how you can help your prospective clients and how they can reach you.

brochure templates

Cleaning service

A brochure for your cleaning service should be visually pleasing and not bland. You can accomplish this by using simple and pleasing color combinations (the black and white combination is a poor choice for a cleaning business).

Avoid loud colors as they signal desperation and inexperience. Your brochure should include information in bullet points, but not too many, as that will make it look messy and cluttered (something you want to avoid if you’re running a cleaning service).

Make sure your name, contact information, and specialty stands out at first glance. Also, throw in some pricing details and discounts where possible. You can include all this (and more) with our cleaning service brochure template.

tutoring brochure

Tutoring service

Our tutoring service brochure template will help you provoke reader interest and get tutoring jobs. It allows you to highlight critical information about your qualifications, experience, services, and a bit about your relevant personality traits.

You should neatly organize all this information so it’s easy to read – in short statements and bullet points. You can include your phone number, email address, Skype contact, social media accounts, and a website (provided you have one).

Gym brochure

Gym/personal trainer

Gym owners and personal trainers use our brochure templates to inform potential and existing clients about their services, discounts, unique exercise sessions, amenities, and more. You can also add client testimonials and relevant photographs to encourage readers to sign up. The photos can be of yourself, your amenities, or other clients (with their permission, of course).

As advised, you can visibly include your contact details, such as phone number, email address, website, the address of your gym or fitness center, and so on. Our template allows you to choose the colors that suit your type of business. For instance, use red to increase energy and excitement (great for active sports) or blue for a calming effect if you offer yoga classes (or to represent water in swimming classes).

spa brochure


Our elegant brochure template for spa and wellness centers will allow you to educate your potential clients about all the benefits of choosing to get services at your place (among all others).

In it, you can include details about your treatments, packages, inclusive programs, and classes. Tell them why they deserve or need these services and create a sense of urgency to visit you. Don’t forget to throw in a map to your resort, or even of the specific locations and rooms inside it.

Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you need to stand out and make a positive first impression by using custom graphics in your brochure, showcasing your best projects, and perhaps even adding a use case or two to make it easy for people to connect with you.

You can accomplish the same by using a photograph of yourself and language they can understand, so make sure you explain things in simple and clear terms. Our brochure template gives you the necessary space and tools to present your business, works, and yourself in the best possible light.

photographer brochure


If using a brochure to spread the word, any self-respecting photographer needs to showcase their photography skills to potential clients in a visually engaging way. This will let your clients know that you’re capable and talented.

vcita offers a custom brochure template that gives you the tools to present your work in a visually appealing way. At the same time, it gives you enough space to list all your services, packages, and pricing, describe how to reach you, and more. The back page of your brochure can serve for the placement of a map to your location.

Mental health therapist/psychologist

Be precise with your wording, emphasize the most important aspects of your business, and use words that evoke trust and warmth. List all of your specialties and make people feel welcome. After all, they need to feel like they trust you even before you meet them, or at least keep you in mind for future reference.

You’ll get an opportunity to do this (and more!) with our brochure template. It has dedicated spaces for describing your business, services, and benefits your clients will have from using them. It allows you to include relevant photographs, as well as list all your contact details along with a map of your location.

coaching brochure

Life coach

A life coaching service brochure needs to instill confidence in your clients. They need to trust you know what you’re doing and that you have all the skills to help them lead a successful and fulfilling life.

To help you do this, our brochure template gives you enough space to list all of your services, prices for packages and sessions, discounts, and contact information with a map. You should also detail all the advantages of using your services, as well as motivating photographs and wording.

Massage therapist

Thanks to our brochure template for massage therapists, your business can inform customers about the services it offers, as well as add something extra to make it stand out. This can be your business logo, motivating and relaxing photographs, as well as detailed descriptions and benefits of the special types of massages you offer in simple terms.

vcita’s brochure template lets you do this, as well as incorporate the usual – contact information, a map, pricing, social media channels, a website, QR code, and the like. You can present all in a professional way, using relaxing colors and fonts as required by your line of work.

interior design brochure

Interior designer

A brochure for your interior design business reflects your skills in this field of expertise. Hence, it should boast attractive, attention-grabbing, yet professional and classy design, as well as proper deployment of colors and visual elements. At the same time, it needs to provide all the necessary information concisely and clearly. This is a sure-fire way to convert your prospects into clients.

vcita has just the thing to assist you in this endeavor. Our interior design brochure template lets you present your skills in the best possible light by adding photographs of your finest work, client testimonials, and service descriptions. You can also list all your contact details, a map of your location, pricing, and any other required piece of information.

Funeral service

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things in anyone’s life. This is why a brochure for your funeral service needs to describe your business in a respectful and honorable manner. You’ll achieve this by using elegant fonts, as well as avoiding loud and bright colors (preferably use darker tones or simply black), or any other triggers. This will give out a professional and solemn impression and earn your clients’ trust.

With vcita’s brochure template for funeral parlors, you’ll achieve this impression and more. This template will allow you to insert fitting photographs depicting your services, be it flowers, caskets, memorial or burial services, as well as the outside of your funeral home. Make sure to also detail your contact information and services in a short and concise way.

nail service brochure

Nail salon

A brochure for a nail salon should focus on the images of works best representing your talents. You can also add interesting, fun, and original manicure ideas for your clients to choose from, motivating them to opt for your business instead of any other.

Use gentle colors, stylish fonts, and beautiful details to stand out and incite in your prospects the feelings of relaxation, grace, and elegance. Don’t forget to list all your services, contact information, and pricing.

If you don’t have the time or skill to design your own nail salon brochure, then let vcita help you with our pre-designed nail salon brochure template you can customize to your own requirements.

hairdresser brochure

Hair salon

Advertising a hair salon through a brochure allows you to showcase your finest work and give clients ideas for their next hair-do. You want to focus your clients’ attention on the hairstyles, so you go for the minimalist design in terms of colors and other elements.

To avoid the hassle of having to put together everything by yourself, simply use our hair salon brochure template and let us do the heavy lifting. Our pre-designed template has provided spaces where you can input your contact information, pricing, descriptions of your services, as well as feature as many photographs of your hairstyles as you wish.

brochure templates

Our brochures are trifold, which means they contain six panels for your information. These panels include:

  • Front page

    Adding the logo and a fitting image of your business

  • Price list

    Service list with prices for each one

  • About us

    A short description of your business

  • Special promotions and offers

    For instance, choosing a package of 10 classes or treatments entails a 25% discount

  • Descriptions of each service

    In a clear and concise way, without using complex industry expressions a layman wouldn’t understand

  • Contact details

    Including your address, a map of your location, phone number, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn address, website, email, etc.

Brochures are efficient marketing material

Well-designed, interesting, and informative brochures hold a lot of marketing power and work with any budget and type of business. They can make the perfect introduction to your services, increase your firm’s visibility among the wider population, attract new customers, and provide positive press about your business. Thanks to their easy access, brochures are also an ideal method of presenting your business at trade shows and in other networking situations.

On top of that, they’re more efficient and budget-friendly than advertising in newspapers and magazines. With a brochure, you don’t have to compete with other businesses for attention. You can also use more images and versatile information to properly showcase your business. All of this is especially important for a small and emerging business that doesn’t have plenty of money set aside for its marketing requirements.

spa brochure
interior design brochure

The secrets to distributing brochures efficiently

To ensure your brochures get the attention they deserve, there are some things you can do in terms of their distribution:

Leave them where your prospective customers are
Distribute your brochures in places where you know your customers typically hang out. For instance, if you operate a hair salon, leave your brochure in cosmetics shops, nail salons, and the like.

Stick them into materials with a similar focus
Similarly, you can use magazines and catalogs in your industry and insert your brochures in them.

Make use of places with long waiting times
Doctors’ offices, airports, hair salons, the DMV, or any other place where people would appreciate some reading material, are great places for your brochures.

Send them out with all of your other mail
You can send out your brochures with every other piece of mail you typically send, be it greeting cards, eBay packages, credit card payments, and the like.

Frequent trade shows and conferences
Another great way to reach the customers you want is to visit conferences and trade shows in your industry, offer brochures, and add people to your mailing list.

Have customers print out your brochure themselves
Finally, you can offer your interested clients an opportunity to print out your brochure from your website. This way they can read it in their free time or show it to their friends and family.

With these tips and our templates, there’s simply no way your brochures will ever go unnoticed!

On top of that, they’re more efficient and budget-friendly than advertising in newspapers and magazines. With a brochure, you don’t have to compete with other businesses for attention. You can also use more images and versatile information to properly showcase your business. All of this is especially important for a small and emerging business that doesn’t have plenty of money set aside for its marketing requirements.