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Invoice Templates for Different Types of Service Providers

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Electric plummer contractor invoice template

Tutor of Education Service Invoice Template

Tutor invoices are issued by private educators and need to list the services provided. Each education service needs to be on a separate line, along with the quantity or number of hours, as well as the total cost of each.

Roofing contractors invoice template

Therapist Service Invoice Template

The therapist services invoice is used for a number of services, including but not limited to family consultations, couples therapy, and psychotherapy. After the therapy is finished, you need to generate an invoice and send it to the patient.

Landscapers contractor invoice template

Life Coaching Service Invoice Template

Keeping track of cash payments can be challenging, which is why so many life coaches opt for invoicing. Life coaching service invoice template will help you charge monthly payments, bill per season, or single session fees.

Home repair contractor invoice template

Advertising Agency Invoice Template

Advertising agencies provide a wide variety of services, including market research, copywriting, and design. To charge for their services, advertising agencies need to send invoices with all of the services listed, and their price, whether it’s commission- or hourly-based.

It consultant contractor invoice template

A business consultant needs a flexible invoice template, which will allow them to adjust their billing to the needs of their clients. From hourly fees to charging flat-fee rates, business consultant service templates need to be customizable.

Home repair contractor invoice template

An accountant needs a simple way to bill their services. Whether you charge a flat fee or by the hour, a tax services invoice template will help you improve your cash flow and help you increase your efficiency.

Marketing consultant contractor invoice template

The best way for a pet trainer to get paid is through an invoice. You can simply charge the clients on a monthly basis, or you can quickly fill out a template after every training session with their pet and send it out.

designer contractor invoice template

Retail Wholesale Invoice Template

Retail wholesale invoices are used by traditional shops that sell merchandise or products to the general public. A usual invoice will contain a list of items that were purchased by a single customer, along with their price.

Consultant invoice template

Doing monthly inspection services requires you to send invoices to your clients. Whether you’re doing work on a freelance or contract basis, you need to send an inspection service invoice listing your services, to get paid.

A coworking space invoice is sent out after an agreement with a client is struck. Renting invoices are sent before the client starts using the rented space. The invoice should list the number of hours agreed upon, as well as the hourly/daily price.

Medical service invoices are used by private hospitals, doctor’s offices, and healthcare organizations to show their patients the costs they’ve incurred from visits. They contain forms of patient visits, treatments, and costs of each.

Career coaching services require you to nurture leads, talk to several potential clients, and have numerous meetings. They include the number, the dates, and the costs of each session provided to the client.

A spiritual coach helps their clients with a number of different things, such as reduce stress, improve life quality, and achieve their full potential. A spiritual coach invoice template has a number of fields for each service provided, which need to be included.

A transportation service company provides transportation to various facilities. The trips are billed to many corporate accounts. That’s why invoice templates specially designed to bill these companies.

Legal service providers like lawyers need a flexible, easy-to-comprehend invoice that will be able to list a number of legal services and fees. This template will also allow your clients to understand exactly what are you charging them for.

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Consultant invoice template

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Why Do Service Providers Invoice?

Creating and sending invoices is a tough, time-consuming job. However, it’s unavoidable. They allow businesses to get paid on time and provide admissible proof that their services were delivered on schedule. An invoice can be presented to a customer before or after providing your services, depending on your deal. It’s a legal document, which can be annulled by credit if issued incorrectly. An invoice will also help you establish your right to payment. When faced with a tax audit, a good invoicing system provides legal protection. Last but not least, invoices amenable businesses of all sizes to substantiate reported yearly income.
Our Invoice templates will make your business run more smoothly, and make it look professional.

Using invoice templates for service provides will allow you to:

  • Have professional quote, so your clients understand what they’re paying for
  • Make payment methods and terms clear to clients ahead of time
  • Attach notes and photos to your invoices to further impress your clients
  • Offer a number of payment options including credit card and online

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