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If you don’t love accounting, you might not feel excited about dealing with invoices and receipts.

What a lot of small business owners don’t realize is that they aren’t just a necessary part of creating a professional, trustworthy payment experience for your clients – confirming that you received your clients payment, they’re also part of your branding, and their look and feel with reflect back on you.

Make sure your clients always receive an automated payment confirmation email or SMS, when you have received a payment.

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Tips for creating receipts in Word

  • Use Words receipt templates from Word’s Library

    Select File>Choose new and search for “receipts” in the templates search box to bring up its selection of free receipt templates. It’s advisable to spend time customize the template you’re using, since Word templates can look quite generic to clients that also use the Microsoft Office suite.

  • Use vcita’s customized receipt template

    If you don’t feel like bothering with modifying one of the Word’s generic templates, download vcita’s ready-to-use elegant, free receipt template.
    You can easily add your logo, fonts, and other branded elements like headers and footers, and save it as a template in Word so you can access it later.

Tips for creating receipts in Excel

  • Create multiple receipts in one file

    With Excel, you can create additional worksheets by clicking on the “+” icon beside “Sheet 1,” which is helpful if you need multiple receipt templates for one client—for example, one official receipt and one packing slip.

  • Working with formulas

    You can also use the sum function to add the totals from receipts on different worksheets, which is a helpful way of tracking AR if you don’t have automated billing software.

  • Use vcita’s professional Microsoft Excel receipt templates

    You can also use free templates or create custom templates in Excel, but for an easier solution, download vcita’s professionally designed, and pre-formatted Excel receipt template. As with Word, you can save it to Excel’s template files to access it later whenever you open a new document.

receipt template excel

Streamlined payment receipts can boost your brand

A key element of brand identity is consistency. Having a streamlined payment flow from sending an invoice to confirming payments and sending sales receipts will help you reinforce your brand and establish your professionalism. Using a branded receipt template format means you’re less likely to forget important elements, like invoice number and contact information.

Additionally, you will have all payment records collected one place, it’s helpful for both you and your client to know at a glance where totals, subtotals, and receipt numbers are.

Learn more about how vcita can help you streamline your payment flow.

Receipts and invoice software

From the first “hello” to the final invoice

Get paid 60% faster with a client billing software that supports your entire billing lifecycle:

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Automated billing software – a new way to manage payments and receipts

  • Less data entry means less human error

    When invoicing manually, it can be easy to accidentally forget to update the date, invoice number, or client contact. With automatic invoicing all data entry is done for you, reducing the amount of human error possible.

  • Automatic reminders means less overdue invoices

    Vcita’s billing software sends automatic reminders to your clients when they have outstanding bills due, so your receivables don’t pile up. You can easily track from your payment dashboard exactly which invoices have been paid and which are due.

  • Mitigating the risk of fraud:

    If you have employees who invoice, consider automated billing software for your own peace of mind. Automated invoicing means that you have access to any invoices your employees create, reducing the risk of employees making fraudulent invoices.

  • Automatic invoice and receipt numbering:

    Receipt and invoice numbers are one of those things that never seem important until you need to use them. Vcita billing software automatically generates receipt numbers, which will ensure that your numbering system is consistent. It will give each receipt a unique number, in chronological order, which can become very important when you need to dig though your records.

Receipt templates (FAQ)

  • 1. What to Include in a receipt? (What to include may vary depending on how you do business).

    The word “Receipt” clearly and in bold: If you’re sending a receipt to a client with a lot of invoices to pay, it can be easy for them to mistake the receipt template for an invoice template and make a second payment by mistake.
    Your Company Logo and Details: Make it easy to get in touch with you, if fx. a client decides they want to reorder something from you.
    Your Client’s Contact Info and Client Number: Avoid sending the receipt to the wrong person. If you use client numbers, including them will also make it easier to cross reference receipts with CRM information.
    Date of Payment: You’ll be able to track the length of time between invoicing and payment, and your client will have a record of when you received payment for their own accounting purposes.
    Summary of Purchases: Can either be formatted in a similar way to your invoices, or summarized if you’re making a collection receipt.
    Tax Information: Your client may be able to claim taxes back from their purchase in B2B transactions.
    Receipt Number: This is particularly helpful if you have recurring payments from clients that are the same dollar amount, or are receiving large payments for multiple invoices.
    Invoice Numbers Paid, if Applicable: If a payment you’ve received is for multiple invoices, make sure to include all the invoice numbers you’re applying the payment to on the receipt.
    Method of Payment: It’s helpful to be able to look up what payment method they used. That way, you’ll know what to look for when you’re double-checking the numbers.
  • 2. What is the most common receipt type?

    The most common receipt type is a sales receipt. Usually used by point of sale businesses. A sales receipt is generated at the till in a bricks-and-mortar store or as an email on an ecommerce site. It usually includes an itemized list of purchases, tax information, store contact information, and a refund policy
  • 3. What is a delivery receipt?

    This is a receipt used when shipping items to customers. It’s a confirmation that the item sold was received by the customer, who may need to sign the delivery receipt depending on what delivery service you use.
  • 4. What is a collections receipt?

    This type of receipt is generated for clients who have multiple outstanding invoices. If a client has paid six different invoices at once, these receipts summarize the invoice numbers and totals, showing how the payment was applied.
  • 5. What is a billing statement?

    Although some would argue that a statement is technically separate from a receipt, it’s still an important document that goes along with them. A statement is a summary of which invoices have been paid on a client’s account; unlike a collections receipt, it also shows all outstanding invoices for that client as well. It’s a good idea to send statements once a month if you are invoicing a client regularly.
  • 6. What is an official receipt?

    Official receipts are important for auditing purposes; if your government has requirements about the information needed to claim taxes or expenses, an official receipt will contain all of this information. Make sure you look up tax law in your area so that the information is complete—that way, your client won’t need to get in touch with you for a modified version if they get audited.
  • 7. What is a purchase order receipt?

    If your client has made a purchase order agreement with you, then you may have two receipts: one that confirms you can deliver the products on the PO, and another that confirms payment. The second receipt will often reference the PO and summarize its status, particularly if there are still deliverables on the PO that haven’t been invoiced and shipped yet.
  • 8. What is gift receipts?

    While a gift receipt may contain the details about what the customer purchased, all price information is usually left off so that the recipient has the option to return the item or exchange it without seeing the price right away. Return and exchange policies are particularly important to put on gift receipts, along with store contact information.

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