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Invoice template financial business consultants

General cosultants

Invoice template

Can be customised as a standard or timesheet invoice.

Electric plummer contractor invoice template

Business consultants

Invoice template

Standard invoice template.

Roofing contractors invoice template

Financial consultants

Invoice template

Can be customised as a timesheet or standard invoice.

Landscapers contractor invoice template

Lifestyle and health consultants

Invoice template

Customized as an interim invoice.

Home repair contractor invoice template

Human ressource consultants

Invoice template

Standard invoice template.

It consultant contractor invoice template

Invoice template

Costumized as a reoccurring invoice.

Legal consultant contractor invoice template

Legal consultants

Invoice template

Can be customized as a standard or timesheet invoice.

designer contractor invoice template

IT consultants

Invoice template

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Consultant invoice template

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What is a consultant invoice and what’s its use?

This is a bill and documentation which is sent by a consultant to their client indicating that work is complete and payment is due, this type of invoice contains details about the products that were provided or services that were rendered. It presents the overall cost and can furthermore be used for internal accounting.

Creating and formatting a consultant invoice has just been made easy:

  • The Invoice Number

    Every invoice needs to have a specific identification number. This particular element can be made up of numbers only or be a combination of digits and letters.

  • The Date of Issuance

    This is the date when the invoice was officially issued to the customer.

  • The Vendor

    This is the consultant company that provided goods or services to the client. Details such as the company name, registration number, address, and phone number are indicated here. If applicable, the VAT number is also indicated.

  • The Consignee

    The client’s details are indicated here. Their name, address, and phone number are described in this part of the invoice.

  • Time spent working on the project

    The amount of time in hours or days should be included in the consultant invoice.

  • The Full Description of Goods or Services Rendered, and products purchased for the job

    A description of the items provided or services rendered in the transaction is indicated in the invoice. If any goods were provided, their individual components are also described. Furthermore, the overall quantity, quality, and applicable units of measurement are indicated as well. In cases where products are purchased to complete the job, a breakdown should be given and billed to the client.

  • The Currency

    The specific type of legal tender that should be used in the transaction is indicated here.

  • Tax Charges

    If the products or services which you have provided to the client attract some taxes, these details are also indicated in the consultant invoice. A common type of tax is the Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • Grand Total

    This is the total amount of goods provided or services rendered with the tax included. It is the amount which your client should pay.

  • The Due Date

    This is the date by which the client should have paid the amount indicated in the invoice.

  • Terms

    Any additional data about the transaction can be included here.

Follow these steps to create your invoice:

  • Select and download your desired template
  • Add your logo
  • Add your business name
  • State the type of invoice (example; due on receipt)
  • Specify due date
  • Give full description of Good(s)/service(s) covered by the invoice
  • State price(s) and quantity
  • Add the total amount
  • Include Additional details (when necessary)
Health coach invoice template

Types of invoicing used by Consultants:

  • Standard invoice

    is straightforward and is used to bill for your consultancy services whenever a service is rendered. It will include a description of the service, the cost, accepted payment methods, and due date.

  • Timesheet invoice

    This is used to bill customers based on consultant’s worked hours on customers’ projects.

  • Expense Report

    This is a form that captures all of the most important information about a business expense. It lets you determine how much you’ll reimburse a client for an expense they made using their own money.

  • Recurring invoice

    is an invoice that is sent to the same customer at regular intervals, containing the same invoice details, it’s used to collect ongoing services.

  • Interim invoice

    also referred to as progress bill, is an accounting method where a consultant invoices a client in regular increments for a large project, billing for the percentage of the total project that has been completed to that point.

  • Final invoice

    it’s the last invoice, usually sent after a project or order is completed, which includes the total amount of money that is still owed.

Need to know when you need to send an invoice and what invoice you need for your type of consultancy services? Here are some overall guidelines:

  • Small businesses to larger consulting firms:

    For this, you’ll be needing a timesheet invoice, an invoice is required once the customers’ project is completed.

  • Business consultants:

    A standard invoice is needed after the service is completed.

  • Financial consultants:

    A standard invoice is required.

  • Lifestyle and health coaches:

    Interim invoices are required as the program lasts.

  • Human resources consultants:

    A standard invoice is required.

  • Investment consultants:

    Here you’ll need a recurring invoice for a regular check of an investment plan.

  • Software consultants:

    A standard invoices are applicable.

  • SEO Consultants:

    Timesheet invoice is required.

  • Legal consultant:

    Just like SEO consultants timesheet invoice is required.

  • IT consultant:

    Timesheet invoices are required as the charge occurs per hour.

  • Project management consultant

    An interim invoice is applicable.

  • Marketing consultant:

    Recurring invoices should be used to keep track of progress.

Consultant invoice template

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