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Choose the Google Doc template below that fits your industry

Click on your preferred invoice templates for Google Docs and Google Sheets below. You can download, edit and customize them as you see fit. Impress your clients and send them your new fancy invoice – today!

General contractors

Google docs invoice template

Google docs invoice template

Legal consultants

Google docs invoice template

Google docs invoice template

Design contractors

Google docs invoice template

Google docs invoice template

Choose the contractor invoice template that fits your industry

All templates come in Excel and Word fomat

General contractors

Invoice template

This template offers general contractors an official means of requesting payment for their services. It explains the particulars, the dates and hours worked. You can use this template for any type of contract, including business or financial consultancy

Electric contractors

Invoice template

If you are a business person or a firm specializing in construction work that focuses on designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems, you can use the invoice for electric contractors to collect payment for your services.

Roofing contractors

Invoice template

Roofing is separate from the construction of houses and buildings. You’ll need a roofing invoice to collect payment for materials purchased for roofing, and for your time and expertise on the job. Project developers and construction workers can also use this template.

Landscaping contractors

Invoice template

A landscaping contractor or firm can use a landscaping service invoice template to request payment for any kind of lawn service. The service can be one-time such as re-sodding a yard or ordinary maintenance such as trimming and mowing.

Construction contractors

Invoice template

Construction companies use a construction invoice after completing work for clients. You can define the particular tasks you’re charging for-labor costs, building materials, etc.

Invoice template

IT consultant can use this invoice to bill clients for IT services. You’ll include the services you’ve performed and the cost of labor and technical equipment, software subscriptions etc.

Legal consultant contractors

Invoice template

This template is customized for legal consultants that work contract based. Here you can add hours billed, such as any additional services you have provided to the clients.

Invoice template

If you or your firm offers home repair services then this is the template you will need. This template can also be used by plumbers, landscapers, or electricians.

Invoice template

This invoice template is customized to contractors who works as marketing consultants. Here you can add the hours billed and any additional service or item you have provided the client throughout the contract.

Design contractors

Invoice template

Are you a graphic designer, photographer or similar creative our invoice template is designed to bill your clients for hours spent on a job or items delivered with a fixed cost. It’s easy to customize with your logo and brand colours to fit your business’ needs.

Invoice template

If you are a health or lifestyle coach, this invoice template will come in handy to bill clients for any type of coaching services that you offer. You can add hours billed as well as adding items if your client has purchased products from you as part of your service offering.

How to work with our Google Docs invoice templates:

Let’s briefly walk you through the process and explain how you get started with our free Google Docs invoice templates:

  • Click ‘Create a copy’

    Start choosing the invoice template you want to edit.

  • Create a copy of the Google Docs to your own account

    Once you click on the “Create a copy” button, you will be prompted with a message allowing you to make a copy of the invoice in your Google Drive (keep in mind that you will need to have a Google account and will need to be logged in during this time).

  • Start editing

    Once this step is complete and you have a copy in your Google Drive, you can fully customize it.

    For invoice templates in Word and Excel format click here

Tips on customizing your Google Docs and Sheets invoices

Just because you downloaded a Google docs invoice template, that doesn’t mean your invoice can’t be unique, communicate your brand image and let your customers know what you’re all about. Here are a few tips on how to best customize your invoice:

  • Add an invoice number

    Numbering allows both you and the client to better track invoices and the subsequent taxing footwork.

  • Use your own color scheme and font

    Does your company have a color scheme? Or maybe a unique font? Why not change the invoice to better reflect that and familiarize your customers and clients with your branding?

  • Add a logo

    Just as the color scheme, adding a logo will also familiarize your clients with your brand and help establish and build trust.

  • Add client info

    You’ll save your clients and customers a lot of time filing and archiving your invoice if you add all the necessary information, such as name, address, contact and a detailed breakdown of the work done.

  • Add / remove / merge fields

    Invoice templates are just that – templates. Oftentimes, they will be too long. Sending an oversized, unpopulated invoice will make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Tighten up on that invoice and see your clients flocking back!

  • Change the invoice’s language

    Most of us speak English just fine, but why not save your local customers the trouble by invoicing them in your local language? It could help you get paid quicker, and save both you and your clients a lot of time at the tax authority.

How to share your invoice with a client

Despite being around for quite some time, many businesses are still unaware of the advantages of Google Docs, Google Sheets and other tools in Google’s cloud-based productivity suite. One of the main advantages is the protection against unauthorized editing and the simplicity at which these invoices can be shared.
In order to send your new invoice to a client, all you need to do is press the large Share button found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You will be prompted a small window, where you can do one (or all) of the following: 1) Change the permissions for the document 2) Add the client’s email address 3) Get a shareable link 4) Changing permissions

An invoice is a sensitive document, and as such needs to be kept away from prying eyes and protected from unauthorized changes. By being able to choose between Editor, Commenter and Viewer, you can control who gets to edit the invoice, and who only gets to view it. That way you can make sure the invoice gets only to the right people – untampered.
After that, you can either send it right away, by typing in the recipient’s email address, or copy the link for easier sharing on other platforms. The best part is – your clients don’t need any special software to view the invoice – all they need is a browser.
And that’s it! With our Google Docs and Google Sheets invoice templates, invoicing has never been easier. Download them for free now and start saving more time and earning more money!
Fortunately, an invoice template meant for contractors could help you look professional and run your business more smoothly. You could even try an invoice software to help you save energy and time on your invoice operations. A contractor invoice template is a standardized form that you could use to bill your clients on completing a job.

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