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Dry cleaning invoice template

Invoice templates for cleaners

All cleaning templates come in Excel and Word format.
Choose the type of niche that fits your cleaning business.

office cleaning invoice template

Office cleaning invoice template

Do you offer office cleaning services? The office cleaning template is a quick way to charge your clients for your services. Use it to include all the details about the hourly or fixed costs. You can personalize it, so it carries your business logo.

Carpet cleaning invoice

Carpet cleaner invoice template

Use the carpet cleaner invoice template to charge your customers for your services. Include all the details about your pricing. List your working hours and products you’ve used. The template is specially designed to fit the carpet cleaner’s needs.

Dry cleaning invoice template

Dry cleaner invoice template

Do you offer dry cleaning services? This template is perfect for you. Companies that provide these services rely on this template to invoice their clients. You can quickly customize it to fit the range of services you offer.

commercial cleaner invoice

Commercial cleaner invoice template

Commercial cleaners use this template for invoicing their clients. You can easily customize it to fit your business’s image. Use the various sections to charge your services hourly or as a fixed project. You’ll find the template quite handy.

Self employed cleaning business

Self-employed cleaner invoice template

Are you a self-employed cleaner who’s looking to invoice their clients easily? This template is specifically designed to fit your needs. Besides the ability to swiftly customize it, you can use it to charge any range of cleaning services you offer.

Window cleaner invoice

If you run a window cleaning agency, you’ll find the window cleaning receipt template quite handy. Use it to charge all of your clients for all the window cleaning services you provide. You can charge hours, or if you prefer, set a fixed price for the whole project.

Tax cleaning invoice

Cleaning tax invoice template

A tax invoice differs from the regular one as the purchaser of your cleaning services can easily see what’s the tax rate. It benefits your business because you have a valid document that proves that you’ve collected the state tax.

If you are planning to do a cleaning tax invoice, this template offers everything that you need to include. You can easily add the tax rates to the invoice, which will make pricing more transparent.

If you are looking for customization, you’ll find it available with this template. Leave a lasting impression with a professional cleaning tax invoice template such as this one.

Australian cleaning invoice template

Are you offering cleaning services in Australia? This cleaning invoice template comes with a unique design for the Australian market. Use the template to bill all your Australian clients. Explore the template customization options to transform it to match your business’s branding.

Unlike other regular invoices, this one features a field for adding GST (Goods and Services Tax). Besides the transparency of costs, the invoice also becomes proof that you’ve collected GST tax for the Australian government.

UK cleaning invoice template

Is your cleaning business operating in the UK? Use this cleaning invoice template to charge all of your clients in the UK. Tailor it to fit your needs and charge the clients either hourly or per project. Add all types of cleaning services you provide to the template and get paid swiftly.

Use it to charge for all the services that you offer and quickly add VAT(value-added tax) figures on your invoices. That way, you have proof that you’ve collected the government tax and how much it is.

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Consultant invoice template

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Carpet cleaning invoice

How to Create a House Cleaning Invoice?

  • 1. Download one of the templates from our website.
  • 2. Fill in all the details such as business name, invoice number, and contact details.
  • 3. Customize the template, so it matches your business’s branding.
  • 4. Enter the client’s name and contact information.
  • 5. Include the issue date as well as a due date.
  • 6. Fill in all of the services you’ve provided and put prices next to each of them separately. Use the bottom of the invoice to include the total cost of your services.
  • 7. Add the payment instructions.
  • 8. Finish the process by sending the invoice to your client.

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UK cleaning invoice template

How to Bill for Cleaning Services?

  • Billing your clients is now easier than ever. All you have to do is download one of our templates, customize it and send it to your client via email.

  • Or create a free vcita account and start to create unlimited invoices. Send your invoice directly SMS or email, and let your clients pay directly via the link.

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