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TheraNest vs. SimplePractice: Which one’s better?

Today, there isn’t a successful health practice that doesn’t use a business management solution and it’s obvious why. Such technologies can make your operations faster and more streamlined...

When is the right timing for sending invoices to clients

Running a service business for your clients means you’ll have to charge them for those service(s) and this means you’ll have to invoice them at some point. This is how you’re informing your clients about exactly what they’re paying for, in what quantity, for how much money, in what ways they can pay, and other […]

7 tips on how to deal with overdue invoices

In any business that involves providing services and goods for money, getting paid and on time is as important as delivering a timely and quality service (or goods). After all, your business thrives on these funds and you need them for paying your staff, suppliers, vendors, taxes, and so on...

What is a sales bill?

Regardless of your line of work, if it includes providing services or goods to clients and charging money for them, you’re going to have to issue ‘sales bills’ whenever transactions take place. This term is often used interchangeably with the term ‘sales invoice’, causing a bit of confusion in this sphere, so let’s clear it […]

SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes: Which one’s the better telehealth solution?

The past couple of years have seen a staggering growth in long-distance technologies like telehealth platforms. These are the software solutions that allow health workers to provide services to their patients using video – in situations where physical contact with the patient isn’t necessary or could even present a risk to their wellbeing...

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