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Best 7 small business management software solutions


7 best telehealth software 2021 for remote health care providers

Telehealth is the practice of using modern technology to provide health services remotely. In other words, telehealth software allows practitioners to interact with their patients using online video...

Ultimate Project Billing Guide for Consultants

Being a consultant is nothing like working a 9 to 5 job. You work on a contract basis for organizations that need the skills, experience, and expertise that you’re able to provide...

A step-by-step guide to therapy intake forms

Intake sessions and filling out intake forms aren’t just about information gathering. They also give your clients their first impression of your practice...

Ultimate guide to medical codes 2021

Whenever a patient sees a healthcare provider, the provider documents their visit, reviews the complaint and medical history, makes an expert assessment of the condition, and proposes treatment. This process involves the use of medical codes...

Best accounts receivable software for small business 2021

Accounts receivable is a term referring to the amount of money your clients owe you for the rendered services or goods and tracking overdue payments. The more time passes without the client paying, the older a receivable becomes.  Every business needs to keep a close eye on this information to collect payments and sustain itself […]

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