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How to use appointment reminders with your clients: The do’s, don’ts and message templates

Did you know that an average person forgets about four things per day? Often, one of these things is booked appointments, be it with their doctor, beautician, lawyer, or other.  There are many reasons why clients fail to show up at their appointments...

Best software for sending patient appointment reminders

Although some patient visits are walk-ins, most clinics typically schedule appointments to provide service to their patients. However, they often face the problem of missed appointments or last-minute cancellations due to patients simply forgetting about them...

5 best file-sharing websites for small businesses

If you’ve ever gotten yourself lost digging through endless email threads, looking for the latest version of a document you shared with your client, you might have a problem. Your file-sharing method is in dire need of improvement and you need a service that can take care of it for you...

What are the most common methods of payment?

You may be a small business owner, but your customers expect big things from you. One of them is certainly the convenience of the payment experience you can offer them...

5 most popular & easy-to-use online payment systems for SMBs & SMEs

Being paid for provided services or products is what makes you a business. It’s an essential part of operations for a business of any shape or size...

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