It’s no secret that podcasts are all the rage right now.

If you aren’t already knee-deep in small business marketing podcasts, you should be! Podcasts are an entertaining and time-efficient way to teach yourself how to keep your business growing.

From up-and-coming marketing trends to inspiration from today’s top entrepreneurs, there are tons of awesome shows out there to keep you motivated.

Below we’ve broken down ten totally awesome small business marketing podcasts for you to check out. 

1. Marketing Over Coffee

First Aired: 2007

Topics Covered: Marketing news, business trends, branding, SEO, influencer interviews

Why You Should Tune In: Recorded at an actual coffee shop weekly, listening to Marketing Over Coffee is like being a fly on the wall to some seriously brilliant business conversations. Most episodes clock in under 30 minutes, making MOC a great listen for those on a tight schedule. The show covers everything from success stories of CEOs to digital marketing tactics. In short, MOC represents a bit of everything and is a great introduction to small business marketing podcasts.

Must-Listen Episode: Start with Why

2. Goal Digger

First Aired: 2016

Topics Covered: Financial independence, email and social media marketing, productivity 

Why You Should Tune In: The Goal Digger podcast is equal parts actionable business advice and self-help style motivation. Host Jenna Kutcher’s positive and proactive personality shines through each episode, keeping listeners hanging on to her every word. Also, Jenna’s insights on list-building and marketing come from her own experience as a self-made, seven-figure entrepreneur. Anything but boring, Goal Digger represents a series of personalized business lessons that’ll stick with you.

Must-Listen Episode: Goal Setting for People Who Hate Goal Setting

3. Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn

First Aired: 2010

Topics Covered: Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, passive income, influencer interviews

Why You Should Tune In: Boasting over 60+ million downloads, Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast covers real-life growth tactics from one of digital marketing’s most famous affiliate bloggers. Even if you aren’t interested in affiliate marketing yourself, the seven-figure success stories and promotional ideas are invaluable for marketers of any size.

Must-Listen Episode: “The Riches Are in the Niches – The Advantages of Small”

4. Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy

First Aired: 2013

Topics Covered: Email and social media marketing, content creation, coaching, online courses

Why You Should Tune In: Among the best small business marketing podcasts, Amy Portfield’s show is ideal for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop for marketing advice. Amy’s mini-lessons and launch plans are an entertaining, accessible alternative to lengthy business blog posts and traditional online courses. From email and social media strategies to coming up with content ideas, this podcast is made to help you scale.

Must-Listen Episode: How to Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out

5. Noah Kagan Presents

First Aired: 2016

Topics Covered: Entrepreneurship, influencer interviews, productivity, business inspiration

Why You Should Tune In: If you’re into interviews of business giants, this is the podcast for you. Noah’s show centers around talking to CEOs and influencers who’ve made their millions and likewise want to encourage you to do the same. Focusing more on big picture perspective than specific advice, these episodes will make you think.

Must-Listen Episode: The $100 Million Man

6. The Strategy Hour

First Aired: 2017

Topics Covered:  Email and social media marketing, scaling a service business, list-building

Why You Should Tune In: Notice that many of the best small business marketing podcasts are run by women? This pod covers everything from specific marketing tactics to off-the-cuff conversation about running a service business. Strategy Hour’s hosts are high-energy and listening feels more like being part of a conversation than listening to a traditional “show.”

Must-Listen Episode: Busy vs. Productive: How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Get Some Traction

7. Unemployable / 7-Figure Small with Brian Clark

First Aired: 2015

Topics Covered: SEO, productivity, solo business strategy, influencer interviews

Why You Should Tune In: Brian Clark’s series of podcasts are perfect for anyone who deems themselves “unemployable” and unable to tie themselves to a traditional nine-to-five. Geared toward small business owners and freelancers looking to wrangle the wild world of SEO and content creation, Brian draws from his own firsthand experience building the Copyblogger community and his own marketing empire.

Must-Listen Episode: From Solo to CEO: the Evolution of an Entrepreneur

8. Girlboss Radio

First Aired: 2017

Topics Covered: Influencer interviews, motivation and inspiration, branding

Why You Should Tune In: Girlboss Radio focuses both on the “how-to” and what it means to be a boss, all from a feminist perspective. Interviewing female CEOs, politicians, entertainers and more, the show is a treasure trove of insight and inspiration.

Must-Listen Episode: “How to Trust Your Gut and Start Over Professionally

9. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

First Aired: 2019

Topics Covered: Content creation, social media and email marketing, website marketing

Why You Should Tune In: The Duct Tape Marketing blog is an awesome resource for small businesses and their podcast doesn’t disappoint, either! In fact, the topics and lessons covered in their episodes feel akin to traditional blog posts (without all the reading required). The show’s series of marketing, content and website tips are all actionable and easy to digest for busy business owners.

Must-Listen Episode: “Why Your Marketing Must Be Led by Strategy First

10. Akimbo by Seth Godin

First Aired: 2018

Topics Covered: Business philosophy, business culture, motivation and inspiration

Why You Should Tune In: Seth Godin is one of the most fascinating and well-respected names in online marketing. Akimbo often feels more like a philosophy lesson versus a traditional business podcast. A calming mix of storytelling, business advice and inspiration, Godin’s podcast gives listeners something to reflect on each week.

Must-Listen Episode: It’s Your Turn

Which small business marketing podcasts are on your radar?

Kicking off 2024 the right way means educating yourself on the latest marketing tactics and staying motivated while you do so.

And hey, podcasts can help in both of those departments!

We hope you take time to check out some of the small business marketing podcasts on our list. If there’s anything that we missed, make sure to let us know in the comments below.