Online credit card processing for small business

online credit card processing for small business

A simple way to process credit cards online for small business

Easily accept credit card payments by entering clients’ payment details into the app – it’s like your own virtual terminal

Accept any type of credit card & set your preferred currency

Securely charge or refund clients from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile

Work with various payment gateway providers, including PayPal & Stripe

No additional transaction fees

Get paid faster with a 100% secure credit card processing solution

Online payments & credit card processing Offer clients flexible online payment options

Accept payments with credit cards, Paypal, Stripe or Square on your website, Facebook page, email or via an invoice by adding customizable payment buttons.

24/7 credit card processing

Empower clients to pay online via a self-service client portal, where they can view pending & past payments.

Manage & track payments from one place

See all pending, overdue and past payments in one place.

Receive instant text notifications for every overdue payment.

View specific clients’ payment history & upcoming payments.

Accept, track and receive partial payments.

Send friendly, automated payment reminders.

Bring the cha-ching back into your life with mobile payments

Enjoy hassle-free payments with vcita’s Pay by Mobile. Get paid within seconds by allowing clients to pay for services with a few quick taps, and without re-entering their credit card details. All you need to do is create a payment link through your vcita account, send it via text message directly to your client’s mobile and voila! You’re done. All payments will be recorded automatically into your CRM, so you always know where you stand with clients.

small business credit card processing

No existing merchant account required. Start enjoying vcita’s online credit card processing today.

Connect to your preferred payment gateway

The only system that connects your billing with your calendar

Let clients pay with their credit card for services upfront as soon as they’ve scheduled a meeting, or after service is rendered

See your billing, scheduled appointments and client information in one place – charge clients’ credit card in a click without having to enter their details twice

Track appointments’ payment status directly from your calendar

Join over 100,000 happy service providers

Personal finance counselor

It has improved all aspects of my business with the capability of billing and sending follow up documents to clients. I highly recommend it.

Rated vcita 5 out of 5 by Capterra

Shane Robson-Smith

Personal finance counselor at Workplace Money Coach

Health insurance doctor

I love that I can choose whether or not I require payment for my different services. There’s also an email component built in so I can communicate with my clients directly.

Brenda Smith

Health insurance doctor at Solar Savings

Life coach

The payment feature has been wonderful. It saves time in the appointment because payment is handled before the client arrives.

Francesca James

Life coach at Francesca James


  • What is card processing software?

    Credit card processing software is a solution that streamlines card-based payments involving you and your customers. It helps you provide a superior user experience to your customers while getting paid faster. This type of software has become a staple in our times since businesses and customers are increasingly moving away from cash and checks.

    vcita’s card processing software simplifies the processing of online credit card payments in line with the needs of your small business. It’s pretty simple to use since this software operates like an app into which you store payments details of your individual customers. You can set your preferred currency just as easily with the support for any type of credit card.

    Your clients can make payments online via a self-service client portal, where they can view all pending and earlier payments. From your side, you get to manage and track payments from a single place. There is also a system of notifications for every overdue payment, packed with an option to send automated payment reminders.
  • How can I take a credit card payment from someone?

    With vcita’s online credit card processing solution, you can take payments in-office, on the go, and online, all in the safest possible manner. This means that you can charge and refund your customers from the comfort of your own mobile, desktop, tablet, or laptop. All of these platforms can be linked with your calendar, helping you keep track of outstanding payments at any time.

    Our platform works seamlessly with major global payment gateway providers, including PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

    vcita’s Pay by Mobile helps your customers pay for your products and services in just a few taps, without having to reenter their card information. Everything is done via a payment link found under your vcita account which is sent directly to your customer’s phone via an SMS. At the same time, the records of all past payments will be stored securely as part of your CRM.
  • What is a good credit card processing fee?

    Here’s the secret – there is no “good” credit card processing fee, apart from a non-existent one! Yet, we have a surprise for you –vcita’s card processing solution features no additional transaction fees, nor hidden ones. You also do not need to have an existing merchant account. It will help you get paid faster and in a more secure and streamlined manner for both you and your customer.

    Otherwise, bear in mind that credit card processing fees typically cost a business 1.5% to 3.5% of the total value of individual transactions. This can be much if you are looking to save some buck in the process.

    Try to pick out a processor that does not ask for statement fees or use minimum monthly processing fees. Keep your chargeback rates low and consider if flat-rate pricing or a membership-based one works better for you. Switching payment processors can be a chore, but try to compare the pros and cons from the point of view of your business’ profitability.
  • What are the two major credit cards?

    vcita’s payment solution works just as well with a broad range of payment gateway providers, including PayPal, Square and Stripe. This means that you can accept credit card payments 24/7 from any place and by any provider.

    Small businesses are eligible to receive business credit cards, helping them earn credit and separate personal payments from the business ones. In any case, two major credit cards are Visa and Mastercard, with American Express and Discover as their key competitors.


Accept credit card payments 24/7 from anywhere

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