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Angela Santavicca

Alternative health practitioner
and her clients become empowered with vcita’s HIPAA-compliant app.


After working as a dentist for 20+ years, Dr. Angela Santavicca significantly cut back her practice to pursue a career in coaching and alternative health.

Angela founded her practice Easy to Be You, centered around three core areas: life coaching, brain spotting, and qigong instruction. By helping her clients tap into their consciousness, brain, and nervous system, she guides them to “bring their
best self to live-easily and naturally.”

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Alternative healthcare


Automation, payment & scheduling

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The freedom to do it all

Running her own practice, Angela had always been an entrepreneur and a CEO, as well as the person who made the product, ran the team, and handled all the admin and marketing. Finding a HIPAA-compliant platform was among Angela’s top priorities since trust between her and her client is critical.

As she developed her new business, however, she wanted to retain control while benefitting from the lifestyle bonus of a flexible location so she could pursue her dream: to sail around the world. In order to scale her new business and maintain freedom from administration, management, and a fixed location, she needed a remote all-in-one solution.


Implementing automation, managing time and money with vcita

HIPAA-compliant client portal

Because Angela sends her clients intake questionnaires, contracts, exercises, and instructions, her clients required assurance that all their personal information remains private. With vcita’s HIPAA-compliant platform Angela set up her client portal, where clients can schedule and pay online independently, saving her time and helping her stay organized. Messages, documents, and appointments remain confidential, helping her clients feel comfortable sending and receiving sensitive information online.

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Scheduling better work-life balance

Angela dedicates her undivided attention to her clients during therapy. With vcita, she can limit her availability and make sure her clients can only book when she’s available. Managing her scheduling online has helped Angela set clearer boundaries and secure time for herself.

Zoom integration

Seamless Zoom integration

Since Angela meets with the majority of her clients online, she sought a user-friendly platform with an intuitive Zoom integration. Angela invites her clients to book Zoom meetings or register for Zoom group events through vcita’s user-friendly online scheduling experience. When a meeting is booked, a link is automatically generated. Between individual appointments and groups, Angela meets with over 20 clients per week from all over the world on Zoom through vcita.

Service packages

In order to maintain consistent care routines, more than half of Angela’s services are sold as series or bundles. She used vcita’s packages feature to create service bundles that can be purchased and paid for upfront. Her clients can research their options, choose their package, schedule, and pay for it all in one place. Once a package is purchased, vcita will automatically manage each client’s credits and redeem them when services are booked.



vcita gave Angela a solid foundation for business growth

By implementing vcita, Angela has achieved the work-life balance (and freedom of location!) that she was seeking. She has also reduced her admin time. Payments made online through vcita automatically appear in her bank account, and all of her clients’ information, appointments, and payments are recorded in her vcita account.

Now that her admin tasks are minimal, Angela can spend more time caring for her patients and sailing across the sea.

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