SMS marketing app for small business

Short message service marketing, or SMS marketing, has risen in popularity in recent years. Everyone has their smartphone with them at all times, day or night, making text marketing an excellent option for any type of small business.

Small business owners know what contributes the most to their business’ success: their customers. So wouldn’t you agree that staying in touch with them is important?
Continue reading to learn how an SMS marketing app can strengthen your marketing efforts while also forging better connections with your customers.

What does an SMS marketing app for small business do?

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, sends promotions, coupons, and reminders to your customers’ phone. An SMS marketing app effortlessly communicates with all your subscribers through the text messaging app on their smartphone.

SMS marketing apps allow you to automate text messages and even launch campaigns to be sent to specific subscribers on certain days or even at certain times. What better way than to personalize the customer experience by personalizing text messages to express holiday well-wishes and or even happy birthday messages using clients’ names.

SMS marketing is just like email marketing, but emails have to be opened and often require the skills of a crafty web designer–however, with text messages, you can send push notifications so customers see the message come through in realtime. Also, with some SMS marketing apps, it’s never been easier to design customized templates that recipients can view after clicking on the link.

Business owners tend to think that social media marketing is the only effective way to connect with customers. However, SMS marketing is the superior option because people may or may not see your posts, whereas, with text message and chat tools, they’ll see the notification and be more inclined to read the message and/or engage in interaction, and follow the included link.

Benefits of using an SMS marketing app

Even from the brief overview above, you can quickly see how beneficial a SMS marketing approach is for all small businesses. Still debating whether an SMS marketing app is right for your business? Below are additional benefits of using one to reach your customers.

SMS marketing is fast

Communicating timely messages or time-sensitive information to your clients has never been easier! Text messages reach smartphones almost instantaneously, unlike emails or social media posts that tend to get buried.

Small business owners know that time optimization is a necessity. SMS marketing is an efficient use of time. There’s no graphic to design and no long message to craft–just an engaging text that shares a call-to-action.

However, you have to anticipate the intention of your SMS marketing messages because recipients typically act within seconds. With customer interaction and conversation data, your business can determine what time is best to reach your customers.

Near-perfect open rates

In a world where people are inundated with emails, many get ignored or deleted. Texts, however, are different.

Customers open marketing texts roughly 98% of the time, while the average open rate for emails is only about 21%–from our vantage point, SMS marketing is the best solution.

High response rates

Small businesses that use a powerful SMS marketing app receive high open rates and response rates, meaning business-customer interaction is at an all-time high. With such promising numbers, don’t you want to connect with your clients on that level?

Reach customers anywhere

More than ever, people spend a lot of time on the go and with their mobile devices. When you use an SMS marketing app tool, you can reach them regardless of where they are, letting them know what’s happening with one of their favorite businesses.

Plus, you can set up and send marketing texts from anywhere too. With vcita’s solutions, small businesses can get ahead of the game by working from any location with a wireless internet connection and preparing automated text messages in bulk to go out at the push of a button.

And don’t forget–vcita offers great customer service through its support center. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers.

Tailor promotions & increase customer loyalty

Text and email communication put businesses and customers in regular contact. After establishing this connection, it becomes crucial to inform and reward. Distinguish yourself from the crowd by crafting simple, to-the-point messages,and build a call-to-actionto draw in your audience.

Instead of presenting a physical voucher or typing in a long coupon code, customers only have to click on a link to enjoy the reward. Custom digital coupons, promotions, and return customer perks make them feel special and help create client loyalty.

Opt in or out

Customers are in control when it comes to engaging in SMS marketing. They can decide what kind of text or mms messages they receive–informative, sale-related, updates, etc. Of course, customization behooves both businesses and clients. You’ll learn what your clients are interested in, and your clients get to decide what parts of your business they engage in. It’s a win-win.

Easily integrate an SMS marketing app for small businesses

An SMS marketing app is a great stand-alone feature in business management software. However, integrations with other marketing methods and approaches can occur.

SMS marketing can direct customers to your website or one of your social media accounts for a specific sale or opportunity. Improve relations and retain customers by encouraging them to update contact information.

See how vcita’s SMS marketing app component can help your business

With vcita, it’s easy to obtain customer permission, set up marketing text automation, and instantly provide pertinent information.

How to use an SMS marketing app

Putting an SMS marketing app to good use is easier than you think! Without the design aspect associated with email and social media marketing, SMS marketing is faster and requires less work–sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Now, before you start shooting off group texts, there are a few things you should know.

Get customer permission

Your customers are important to you and nothing can sour a relationship more than storing their personal information without their consent. Not only is this bad practice, but your business may be subject to legal recourse. To help remedy this, think about sending consent forms so that they can willingly accept or decline your offers.

Automate your marketing texts

Engaging an SMS marketing app with automation abilities is the way to go. Such software simplifies sending out texts and helps keep track of customer preferences.

Streamline your productivity and daily workflow when you automate a process. Within an SMS marketing app, you can see how many customers have clicked on a link or used a coupon code through the app’s analytics. This informs you of what your customers respond to and how to manage and refine your marketing approach.

Types of messages to send

Your messages should be to the point and engaging. Two to five sentences is the average content length for delivery. Always include a call-to-action and the option to opt out. The latter is required by law, so don’t forget it!

Some text ideas to try include:

  • Welcome texts

  • New products

  • Short-term sales

  • Season-specific sales

  • Customer surveys

  • Promotion of social media accounts

  • Partnerships with another company

  • Update account reminders

See how vcita’s SMS marketing app component can help your business

With vcita, it’s easy to obtain customer permission, set up marketing text automation, and instantly provide pertinent information.

SMS marketing apps: cost-effective?

For small business owners looking to reach their audience but at a fraction of the price, SMS marketing offers a cost-effective marketing approach.

Not only is SMS marketing more affordable than other advertising options, it also provides you with the reassurance that your sms campaigns will reach your targeted audience. The process of executing your SMS marketing strategy has never been easier! All you have to do is craft your message and push send. With these two vectors working hand-in-hand, you can guarantee a better return on your investment. Many business management software options, like vcita, include SMS marketing capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about vcita’s pricing, click the link!

vcita. Your SMS marketing app solution

There are many SMS marketing apps, but within its online business management software, vcita meets all your needs and exceeds expectations.vcita aims to nurture clients by maintaining healthy contact via easy-to-use SMS marketing campaigns. This enables your business to grow, your reach to widen, and your customers to remain in touch. In addition, you’ll find new leads and maintain loyal client engagement when you offer coupons and rewards. Plus, vcita serves as the tool to create coupons in-house–what more could you or your customers ask for?

Automated features are huge advantages of vcita, and automating marketing texts is one. Your customers will feel appreciated when you send a personalized text or a discount code for becoming a new customer. It’s easy to maintain contact and reassure your clients that they are valued team members.

With all that in mind,
are you ready to try a 14-day free trial?

vcita is an online business management solution platform that offers an SMS marketing app! Your business will gain and retain clients by staying in regular contact and rewarding customers with coupons, discounts, and perks. By automating marketing texts, vcita helps your business stay on top of communication while handling other duties.

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  • Do SMS marketing apps really work?

    Yes! SMS marketing apps provide businesses with the best way to stay in touch with customers. SMS marketing is cost-effective and garners quick responses from recipients, helping your business grow. For example, you can start a free trial to learn how your business can benefit from this technological app.
  • What type of companies are most likely to benefit from using an SMS marketing app?

    All companies benefit from using an SMS marketing app; however, the following list includes the sectors that may benefit the most:

    Ultimately, an SMS marketing app will help with growth and development, and vcita is ready to prove it!