Invoicing app for small business

Invoices are essential for certain businesses and business owners. After all, they’re how you get paid and keep your cash flowing!

An invoicing app for small business is one optimal tool to incorporate into your repertoire. As you can imagine, there are many new online invoice app options. With vcita, the invoice feature is one of its main components, meaning your small business’ invoice needs are streamlined and simplified.

However, before diving into how vcita assists with quotes, invoices, and payments through its invoicing app for small business, let’s step back and look at the big picture.

invoicing app for small businesses

Invoicing app

An online invoicing app for small business allows small business owners to create customized invoices, access and store customer data, keep billing records for accounting, taxes, and financial purposes, and get paid quickly.

In just a few steps, you can select a customizable template, add your small business’ details and logo, enter billing information to generate professional invoices, input the products or services rendered plus their fee, and send it via email to the customer or client. The process is simple and easy to use for you and your clients. Once they receive the digital invoice in their inbox, they can easily pay online (by credit card payments), regardless of day or time.

Benefits of invoicing apps

If invoicing features like those above aren’t enough to entice, continue reading to learn more about the additional benefits and additional features of using online invoice software:

Customers receive invoices immediately–no more waiting for them to receive a paper invoice in the mail.


By adding an online payment link to the customizable invoice template, customers can pay at once, and your business increases its cash flow

Most invoicing apps work in tandem with the accounting components of business management software, so all records are connected and expenses and budget are easy to track

The best invoice app will save time and money by saving templates and utilizing automated features.

Create invoices and quotes

Most invoice apps for small businesses allow you to build or create custom quotes, estimates, and invoices through various templates.

Customizing quotes and invoices means adding your business’ contact information, location, logo, and other visual branding elements. It’s also beneficial to your business to add online payment links or buttons to invoices so customers can easily pay from anywhere.

Plus, an invoicing app for small business lets you create branded receipts (with included tax) for customers so that all your documentation and invoice correspondence are consistent in look.

And, with business management software like vcita, with its invoice generator, you can access send invoices from anywhere at any time from your desktop or mobile device. Whether from the office or a coffee shop, in the early morning, or while in a different time zone, you can prompt customers to pay and have your business get paid faster.

Invoicing app with estimates with e-signature

Don’t you want to start to customize your invoices and collect payments right now?

A 14-day free trial of vcita will give you a taste of streamlined invoice app capabilities.

Automation with an online invoicing app

As mentioned above, automation is a huge factor for a basic online invoicing app. When you automate aspects of invoicing and billing, it helps your small business run smoother and more efficiently. In addition, automation removes repetitive tasks from your team members’ daily workflow, increasing productivity.

You have the option to automate email reminders about payments that are about to become overdue, payment confirmations, and receipts for customers. You also can automate payment collection from the get-go. For example, once your company has rendered a service or a quote has been created and accepted by the client, an online invoicing app will send a notice for payment. You also have the option to set up and share recurring invoices too.

When a small business automates its features, the client is taken care of quickly, and you’ll receive payment on time. Sending invoices has never been easier!

automation invoicing app for small business

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  • What are the capabilities of an invoicing app for small business?

    By using an online invoicing app for small business , you can easily do invoice customization to match your branding and/or company logo and create consistency for your business. Digital invoices make communicating with customers quick and receiving payment even faster by using payment links and buttons within the invoice itself.
  • Which industries benefit from using an invoicing app for small business?

    Practically any business or industry will benefit from engaging with business management software that includes an invoicing app for small business. Some examples include: