Online contact management software for small businesses

Manage your leads, contacts and clients from a single online hub. Stay in touch with all of your contacts at a moment’s notice, and never miss a message, inquiry or new opportunity to do business.

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online contact management
online contact management


Comprehensive online contact management

Manage contacts, leads & clients in a single app, easily communicating with contacts and clients alike. Save time and stay connected to the people who matter most to your business.


Import existing clients while attracting new ones

Keep track of your new clients and existing ones alike. Quickly import and organize contacts into your client management system from your smartphone, Gmail or Excel.

online contact management


Take your clients with you everywhere you go

Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, you can take our mobile contact manager app for Apple and Android with you. From sending appointment invitations to accepting payments and sharing files, you and your clients can interact wherever you go.

Funnel leads right from your website

Make the most of your every lead from your site. With custom contact forms, your website can inject leads directly into your CRM to aid with lead management. Easy integration between your site and CRM helps you get in touch with more contacts and prioritize your leads to provide the best service possible.

Quickly convert leads into long-term clients

Scoring new clients means taking action fast. Manage new leads and transform them into clients by starting the conversation in an instant. Invite new leads to book an appointment in a matter of seconds – directly from your website, emails or Facebook page. More leads, less lag time.


It’s the only client management software that will help you both manage AND grow your client base.


Share essential information with your staff

Keep your staff clued in on what matters most for your clients. With the help of an online contact manager solution, managing clients among staff members is a breeze.

Share client cards, information and history with specific members of your team

Allow clients to interact and contact your staff themselves

Assign new client inquiries and appointment requests directly to staff members

Create separate accounts and logins for each staff member

Set roles & permission levels for staff members


Know your contacts & clients like the back of your hand

Access every single detail about your clients without second-guessing yourself. Get a full, 360-degree view of your client relationships, including past meetings and appointment details, previous payments, shared documents, correspondence history and private notes.

Manage every aspect of client communication with ease

Keeping up with clients means making every aspect of communication as efficient as possible. You deserve CRM software that’ll make everyone’s life easier…

A comprehensive overview of your clients’ activity history: appointments, payments, invoices and everything in-between

Custom client card notes to help you keep track of specific client needs

Automated client messaging, including appointment confirmations, reminders, follow-ups and payment notifications via email and SMS

Over 100,000 service-based businesses worldwide rely on vcita

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The percentage of people contacting me now over my old ‘contact’ page, is nothing short of amazing. I LOVE this service!

Greg Swift



vcita is easy to set up and has simplified the way I do business. My clients also love the ease of use!

Caren Glasser

Co-founder of Spark It Network

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vcita is a fundamental infrastructure for any small business, essential in managing leads and opportunities.

Jennifer Bagley

CEO at CI Web Group


Build stronger customer relationships, save time and expand your business.