Client intake & CRM software for law firms

Work on your caseloads, not your schedule.

We help you move your business online, so you can focus on the law.

A CRM that can keep up with you, from scheduling to billing and more.

Professionalism is so much more than a nice suit. Prompt communication, scheduling, and billing makes as much of a statement about your expertise as your law degree.

That’s why vcita manages it all—scheduling, billing, marketing, and CRM in one convenient platform. A cloud based platform means your clients’ information is always at your fingertips, whether you’re in your office or at the courthouse.

With lead generation features that integrate seamlessly into your website and social media, your clients can book consultations easily from any smartphone or computer.

Automated appointment confirmation, reminders, and marketing automation make it easy to manage client intake and establish trust before they even meet with you.

Attach your client’s documents to their CRM profile so their files are in one place, along with their contact information and any notes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a law firm or an individual with a private legal practice; vcita can manage the schedule of multiple lawyers as easily as the schedule of just one.

Move all your client meetings online

Your schedule is already packed. Don’t pack it even more with back-and-forth discussions about when you’re free.

With vcita’s online scheduling amd calendar software, your clients can see your availability and book a time that’s right for both of you.

Include a link to your intake form in the automatic confirmation email, to ensure you’ll have the information you need when they meet with you.

Law firms with multiple practitioners can give clients the option to select the lawyer they want, and the scheduling software will do the rest.

If you’re one person, you can separate consultation bookings into different practice areas so you know how to pre-pare for which clients.

Integration with Zoom means you can choose to automatically add a link to zoom video conferencing when clients book meetings—so you can still consult with clients, even if you can’t meet in person.

Create lead pages that highlight your law practice area

Regardless which client acquisition channel you are using, make the most of investment by leading your clients right to what they’re looking for.  

Whether it’s tax law or employment law, lead pages that match their keyword search will help your prospective clients feel like they’ve found their solution.

Lead page solutions built into vcita’s platform make them a snap to create.

Instead of landing on your homepage and searching for the services they need, you can highlight high-demand services that your clients are likely to search for.

Make legal help less intimidating with easy to read lead pages that target specific needs.

Make it easy for your clients to take actions when they land on your lead page with clear call-to-action widgets: ‘schedule appointment’, ‘share document’, ‘contact me’. Choose the action you prefer.

Follow up effortlessly with email campaigns

Clients in search of legal services are vulnerable, which means the decision to work with you will take a lot of trust—and time.

If you’ve had a consultation but haven’t heard back, stay on your client’s radar with email drip campaigns that help them get to know you better.

Drip campaigns can also keep your past clients engaged and more likely to make referrals, which are essential to legal sales.

Clients who have been referred by someone they trust will trust you too.

Simplify your case files

Keeping organized will help you save time, but more importantly, it will also help you avoid legal malpractice claims.

Make sure all your client’s files are right where they should be with CRM software that organizes them for you.

Easily attach your client’s documents to their profile and notes, so that the information is all in one place.

If you’re a law firm, CRM software makes it simple to collaborate on caseloads and ensure that your clients are getting the fastest, most efficient service from the right professionals.

Billing and payments in one simple flow

With an all-in-one platform, your client’s contact information is transferred to their bill automatically so you don’t have to enter their data more than once.

Accepting more than just cash and cheques means you stand to make more money—and vcita makes it easy though the client portal.

Your client can log on, view their invoices, and pay with their credit card in any currency.

Still dealing with unpaid invoices? Vcita’s automated collection reminders mean you don’t have to spend as much time worrying about chasing them down.

Streamlined client communication

Vcita’s client portal allows your to store all history of any interaction you have had with each of your clients.

Losing track of emails and text messages is dangerous when you’re waiting on an important document from your client.

Simplify the process by having them send you messages and documents via their client portal, so you’ll have their documents in their CRM profile right away.

If you’re meeting with clients remotely, they’ll still be able to show you important files right in the meeting, and right from your own CRM software.

Your caseload at your fingertips

Mobile friendly CRM software means you can leave your briefcase behind.

Your clients are your first priority no matter where you’re meeting them, and making sure you always have their information on hand is vital to good business.

No one wants to be left hanging, particularly if they’re in a vulnerable situation and need help—and especially if you’re working remotely. Keep them up to date on their case by having their information right where you want it, whenever you need it.

Busy law firms know that it’s tough to find time for meetings.

With scheduling software that’s accessible to the entire team, you’ll all get the big picture of what everyone’s schedule looks like and when there’s time to chat.

If two staff members are collaborating, they can instantly see each others’ schedules and book a meeting right in the calendar without endless emails about timing.

While paper files are sometimes unavoidable, make them the exception rather than the rule.

Just because the legal profession tends to get stuck in outdated processes doesn’t mean you have to be. Have all the information you need, wherever you need it—whether that’s in court, at a meeting, or in your office.

With cloud-based software, vcita keeps all of your important information in one place so you can keep moving.