Cleaning business software

Need a cleaning management app as efficient as you?

Manage your house cleaning business in one smart platform

Deliver prompt, responsive customer service with a cleaning scheduling app that’s just as efficient as you are.

Whether you’re managing a team or it’s just you, you’ll need to a system in place for perfecting your schedule, creating professional invoices, and making sure your customer’s requests are reflected in the job you do.

Enter vcita, the all-in-one business platform that helps you manage customer relationships, billing, scheduling, and more.

With a user-friendly CRM interface, vcita gives you a way to keep track of your customers’ preferences, while the scheduler lets them book a cleaning or consultation right from your website or Facebook page.

If you have staff, vcita makes it much easier to track their schedules and link customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction back to a single person.

From the time you first meet your clients to the time they pay for their bill, vcita has everything you need to get the job done right.

Let your clients book your services

Your clients know that time is money — so they might not have time to give you a call.

Make it easy for them to book a consultation or cleaning service from their computer or smartphone with a customizable widget on your website or call to action on your Facebook page.

It’s easy for landlords, property managers, and other commercial clients to coordinate their busy schedules with yours when they can see your availability in your calendar 

If you have different types of services like regular cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialized cleaning, your clients can specify which one right from your service menu.

Schedule your staff

Being in the cleaning business means your biggest expense is your labour; track it wisely with vcita’s easy to use scheduling solution.

Keep track of multiple employee schedules in one easy-to-use calendar that shows every job that’s booked, and who’s on it.

You can schedule team meetings that all your employees will be able to see and sync to their own calendars.

Even if your business is just you, having an easy way to track your schedule means you can organize your jobs to minimize transportation time and reduce costs.

Communicate with your team

Does your client prefer eco-friendly products? Scent-free cleaners? Want to remove pet dander?

A few seconds is all it takes to jot down notes into vcita CRM, making client data instantly accessible to your whole team.

Easily attach a cleaning checklist so that your staff gets it right each time.

If you’re doing an onsite consultation first, you can even attach preliminary photos and other documents to your clients’ profile to help your team prepare for a job.

Giving an accurate estimate for complex jobs just got easier too—once you’re done making notes, use vcita’s automated billing tools to generate your estimate.

Track client satisfaction with CRM software

if you’re not on site with your crew, it’s easy to overlook customer service problems until they show up on Google or Yelp.

With vcita’s CRM software, you’ll be able to see exactly what employee was working on a job, and your client’s communication history.

If you have customer satisfaction surveys, you can attach the results to your client’s or employee’s profile to keep track of who’s doing the best work on your team.

Or, if you find out a customer is dissatisfied, you’ll have the opportunity to make it right.

CRM software helps you stop little problems from snowballing into big ones that hurt your bottom line.

Automate billing and payments

Create bills automatically and let your clients pay with any credit card or currency.

Investing in point of sale equipment like portable debit and credit terminals can be costly, and they don’t always work when you need them to.

With vcita, you can process credit card payments from your smartphone on site, or your clients can pay on vcita’s customer portal.

You don’t need one POS system for your individual clients and another system for your corporate clients with Net 30 terms; they can both pay the same way.

However your clients choose to pay, you can send them all beautiful invoices generated automatically through vcita’s automated billing software.

Create great campaigns

Your clients might not need cleaning year-round
but when they do, make sure they think of your name first by keeping it at the top of their mind.

Whether you have a seasonal promotion like spring cleaning or you’re using your email campaign to share your story, regular emails reinforce your brand identity and help maintain client trust.

Use vcita’s email templates to make drip campaigns with one-click actions that make it easy to schedule with you.

With analytics that tell you how successful each campaign is, you’ll be able to find out which strategy worked best with which clients.

With a cleaning management software you can manage your staff remotely.

Even when your team is in someone else’s home, they’ll be at your fingertips with vcita’s team collaboration tools. A shared schedule means everyone can see who’s scheduled for which jobs over the coming weeks—if someone needs to trade shifts, they can see which team members to reach out to. You can also assign new clients to specific team members, so they can take the lead on communications.

Every once in a while, a job takes a little longer than it’s scheduled to go on for. With vcita’s scheduling software, you can easily take a look at what client you’re scheduled for next and pull up their contact information to let them know. Reschedule them from anywhere instead of having to wait until you’re next to your computer.

Working on the road doesn’t have to mean being disconnected from your main office, home base, or your employees. An all-in-one solution like vcita means that you’ll take them with you no matter where your next meeting is.