Landscaping CRM software

Green thumbs belong in the garden.

Landscaping CRM software

Green thumbs belong in the garden.

Meet vcita, an all-in-one software solution that will help your gardening business thrive.

You invest your time, attention, and expertise into helping your clients’ gardens look their best year-round. You need software that does the same for your business. Vcita’s all-in-one solution gives you all the tools you need for invoicing, payments, marketing, and client care, so you can focus on ficuses and not on spreadsheets.

Create estimates for clients and convert them into invoices in one click. Let clients schedule consultations with you right from your website or Facebook page. Send beautiful email newsletters or promotions to clients year-round. Keep your customer service responsive and professional with automated email and SMS reminders, and help your clients help themselves with customizable client portals that have all the information they need in one place. Spend less time doing data entry and more time outside, with integrated software that does it all.

Tap into your potential with smart scheduling tools

Make it easy to book with you, whether your clients are looking at your Facebook page, your website, or your Google My Business listing. Vcita’s scheduling software features a call to action button compatible with each of these sites, so you’re always one click away.

Let clients see your schedule and book a consultation call with you at a time when you know you’ll be available to talk. Block out time on your schedule when you’re on the field, so you don’t have to worry about getting back to new leads until you have time.

Include a list of your services that clients can choose from, and assign team members to each job. Update your services to suit the season with a few clicks, so clients can choose between services that make sense for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Convert estimates to invoices, hassle-free

Create estimates that auto populate with your client’s information, then turn them into invoices with a single click. Clients can pay directly from their invoices with a call to action button that takes them directly to payment options.

Spend less time chasing payments, with software that lets you see all outstanding invoices at a glance, and sends your clients automated payment reminders once invoices are overdue. Once they’ve paid, send automated thank-you messages and receipts effortlessly.

Capture every cost in your invoices. With Quickbooks integration, it’s easy to track your expenses on a gardening project and include them in your invoices to clients. Choose from fixed fee or hourly invoicing, and select regular fixed fee jobs right from your services list.

Clients will be able to see their invoices right from their client portal, and pay them at their convenience, 24/7.

Keep track of each client with CRM software

Each client’s garden is as individual as they are—keep track of what’s in each client’s garden with a customer relationship management platform that’s as easy to use on mobile as it is on your computer.

Need to double check what plants your client requested? Check your CRM notes on the go while you’re shopping. Need to follow up with your next client before you get home? No problem! Check their contact information right from the app.

Tag clients by the type of follow up care their garden needs, and follow up with each group at just the right time. Or, set reminders for each individual client for a more personal approach. If your clients do some of the care themselves, send them the information they need right when they need it. If your state requires you to track your chemical and pesticide use by law, keep all your records safe in your CRM system.

You can also keep track of suppliers and contractors in your CRM, so all your important business contacts are in one place.

Send email and SMS messages at just the right time

Tag clients by plants in their garden, service preferences, and more to send promotional emails to different client segments in just a few clicks. Let clients know if you’re offering seasonal products or services, or a special holiday promotion.

Offering new or limited time offers? Send them to your entire contact list in one click. Make it easy for your clients to take you up on them, with call to action buttons in the email that take them right to your booking page.

Send automated email and SMS reminders when your clients book a consultation or service, to help clients remember when you’ll be calling them or stopping by. Send a thank you whenever you receive payment, and reminders to dormant clients who haven’t seen you in a while.

Need a little help? Use vcita’s email and marketing templates to find just the right words to get your clients’ attention.

Get paid fast with multiple payment options

Accept credit cards online with vcita’s payment processing software, and structure payments your way. Charge clients upfront before work begins, or let them pay after you’ve finished perfecting their garden. You can even charge partial payments if you prefer to charge a deposit in advance.

Offer package bookings for combined seasonal services, or a discount for purchasing multiple maintenance bookings up front. Let clients apply coupon codes at checkout to take advantage of your special offers.

Clients can pay anytime from their client portal, or right from your invoice. Or, choose point of sale technology that lets you swipe your client’s card, with Square and Stripe integration. You can even save your client’s card on file, for seamless payments when regular clients book services from you.

Give your clients all they need in one place with a client portal

Need to send clients instructions on how to care for their garden? Send it to a convenient client portal, where your clients can view all their important documents in one place. Use the messaging feature to update your clients on each chemical application, trim, or other important change you make to their garden.

Let your clients view their invoices, payments, and upcoming appointments in their portal, and cut down on phone calls asking for reminders. Responsive design means their client portal will be easy to use on mobile, so they can see all their information easily, no matter where they are.

Give your customers a place where they can voice concerns before they become an issue. With document sharing, customers can send photos of the areas of their garden they have questions or concerns about, so you can address the right issue right away.

Create a unique branded experience with client portals you can customize with your logo and images. Tie your brand together with great customer care.

Whether you’re on your own or working as a team, vcita has you covered with landscaping CRM

Streamline your business, staffing schedules, and client communications from your first consultation to your last visit. Staff can each have their own login and access all the features you want to give them access to, with their own schedules. When you receive an update from a client vcita will record it in your CRM to make it instantly accessible to all staff. Staff can also upload photos and documents to give you status updates on the job.

Do it all from anywhere, with mobile friendly design that makes it easy to communicate with staff and clients, whether you’re in your office or on the road. Fully integrated software saves you the hassle of entering information in multiple different places. Keep your clients’ gardens growing with software that does the rest.