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Vodafone Business boosts digital productivity for smaller businesses in partnership with vcita

February 19, 2024
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Vodafone Business is helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) effectively compete with their larger competitors by offering a secure and affordable productivity app in partnership with leading business management software provider vcita. SMEs are the driving force behind economic development, contributing 55% to the EU’s Gross Domestic Product, and the app will give them the same productivity advantages that large companies already enjoy.

Called Vodafone Business Management tool with vcita, the app replaces many time-consuming and costly manual tasks with new automated and digital services, enabling SMEs to boost productivity, improve customer relations, and increase revenue. It is part of Vodafone’s expanding portfolio of software and bundled connectivity products specifically aimed at helping SMEs with their own digital transformations.

Vodafone Business

The app has been launched initially in Italy (at an affordable cost of €45 per month for the CRM starter or a more advanced version at €75 per month) and will be progressively rolled out in other European markets. According to research, around 84% of SMEs still rely on manual processes to fulfil daily tasks, like invoicing, which on average equates to around 120 working hours per annum for every business. The app is especially designed to help small businesses with limited resources cost-effectively digitalise key tasks whilst managing and growing their customer base.

Giorgio Migliarina, Interim CEO of Vodafone Business, said: “Vodafone Business’ goal is to become the trusted partner for all companies, both small and large, on their digital journey. Our partnership with vcita is part of our investment in the development of software, cloud, and cyber security products specifically for SMEs who are key to the future prosperity of our economies.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Vodafone on a global level,” said Itzik Levy, CEO and Founder of vcita. “With Vodafone Business Management tool with vcita, Vodafone goes beyond the traditional role of a telecommunications provider and offers SMEs the ultimate digital business management solution that is critical to their success. We’re proud to be the technology provider powering this solution and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

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