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Business Management App vcita Acquires Email Marketing Tool WiseStamp

vCita, a leading business management solution for small service providers, has officially acquired the email signature company WiseStamp. The acquisition happened shortly after the company completed a $15M funding round led by Forestay Capital.

vCita & WiseStamp will combine their solutions to help entrepreneurs manage their business and deliver great customer experiences at an affordable cost. Having a centralized tool also means business owners will save time and money from juggling between several software.

Itzik Levy, vCita’s CEO and co-founder, affirmed this by saying “We’re thrilled to have WiseStamp join our team. Both companies share the same vision: Empowering small business owners to deliver their services at a level comparable to that of a large company, at a fraction of the cost.”

vCita has over 100,000 paying users worldwide that manage their schedule, track invoices, collect payments, and organize client data in one single app. Business owners often struggle managing so many tasks and running their marketing efforts in parallel. Itzik Levy commented on this, stating “WiseStamp’s expertise in developing easy-to-use marketing products will help vCita deliver effective solutions that fit all small business owners, regardless of their background.”

WiseStamp, the leading email signature solution for self-employed professionals, was founded in 2009 by Orly Izhaki, Tom Piamenta, Tzvika Avnery and Sasha Gimelshtein. The company boasts over 50,000 paying customers who use the platform to increase their social media engagement, expand business reach, and generate more sales.

“An increasing number of people are choosing self-employment and starting their own businesses, which is precisely why this is an opportune time for vCita and WiseStamp to join forces.” noted Orly Izhaki, WiseStamp’s CEO & co-founder. “Over the years, WiseStamp created advanced solutions that enable hundreds of thousands of small enterprises to grow their business online. We are excited about the merger, which will establish us as one of the most dominant players in the SMB market.”

About vCita

vCita was founded with the vision that small business owners deserve better and more fulfilling workdays. We develop smart, cloud-based solutions that help solopreneurs and small teams manage their entire business from a single, easy-to-use, on-the-go app.

Our solution turns time-consuming tasks like scheduling, payment collection and marketing campaigns into simple, one-click operations. vCita manages the entire customer life-cycle, from the first “hello” to the final invoice, providing its users the freedom to enjoy their work, while growing their business.

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