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vcita Introduces New Services Enabling Organizations to Successfully Launch SaaS Offering to the SMB Market

Seattle, USA, November 14, 2023

inTandem Complete, vcita’s new suite of services, helps vcita partners make the most of the company’s technology with a variety of professional services including marketing, sales, customer success, technical support, and billing.

Following a decade of successful partnerships, today vcita, the SMB technology company for organizations that serve the SMB market, announced the launch of inTandem Complete. This new suite of services is designed to empower organizations to bring their own SMB SaaS solution to market, and to ensure the solutions are well-received and drive the expected business results. With this offering, vcita is moving beyond providing only the technology for partner solutions, to becoming an integral part of the partner’s business, responsible for the success of the partner’s solution.

inTandem Complete offers partners complete management of the SaaS solution they built with vcita’s technology, from setup and strategy to client-facing interactions. Services include building and executing winning go-to-market and pricing strategies, marketing and selling to new and existing customers, onboarding, adoption, and technical support. With inTandem Complete, vcita brings its product knowledge and market experience, becoming an extension of the partners’ business.

“inTandem Complete enables organizations to capitalize on vcita’s vast experience of taking business management solutions for SMBs to market. It’s aimed at organizations that are interested in expanding their SMB proposition, but concerned about the risks of dedicating teams to this venture, or not being experienced in the SaaS business,” said Itzik Levy, CEO and Founder of vcita. “This offering enables partners to offload the burden of managing an online SaaS proposition and allows them to focus on their existing business, while the experienced vcita team launches and manages the solution on their behalf. Partners can attract clients with the value that a SaaS platform provides without having to worry about hiring or training personnel to manage the operation or taking on the risks of entering uncharted territory.”

inTandem partners include banks, telcos, marketing agencies, MSPs, FinTech’s, and more, all of whom offer services to SMBs, but are not always SaaS providers by trade. While some organizations prefer to utilize inTandem as a SaaS platform only, leveraging the technology and managing all aspects of the business strategy and execution themselves, inTandem Complete offers a complete management of the technology as well as a full-service proposition.

inTandem Complete partners enjoy the fact that vcita’s team becomes familiar with the partner’s core business and target market, enabling them to represent the partners’ brand and sell the solution to the partners’ customers on their behalf. This allows partners to go live fast and stay agile and flexible. Whether they need to scale up fast or only need a small tight-knit team, inTandem is flexible and can support the partners’ changing needs so they don’t need to worry about growing or reducing headcount, which mitigates risks and facilitates a faster time to success. Moreover there is no financial risk with inTandem Complete. The solution operates on a success model with no upfront payment for these services. Partners only pay for new SMB sign ups gained through inTandem’s services.

About inTandem

inTandem by vcita is a technology platform designed for organizations that serve the SMB market. SMB service providers can partner with inTandem to expand their proposition and provide their clients with tools to increase productivity, grow revenues, and manage their finances. With hundreds of thousands of SMB users worldwide, and partnerships with banks, financial service providers, marketing agencies, MSPs and telcos, inTandem delivers an innovative digital platform that helps organizations engage their SMB customers, increase retention, grow brand awareness, and develop new revenue opportunities. inTandem is powered by vcita, a technology solution helping SMBs thrive in today’s digital world.

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