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vcita Introduces BizAI, the First AI-driven SMB Business Advisor, to Provide Small Businesses with Actionable Business Advice

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 10, 2023

Based on insights drawn from small business’s activities and their customer interactions, BizAI helps SMBs improve business management and discover more growth opportunities.

vcita, the SMB technology platform for SMBs and the organizations that serve them, today announced the upcoming launch of BizAI, the first AI-powered SMB business advisor bringing the promise of AI within reach for small businesses. With BizAI, small business owners and their teams can access data-driven insights in an action-ready environment, based on their business’ own unique data, and an understanding of the whole market and business best practices. BizAI will launch in the coming weeks as part of the vcita SMB solution, as well as inTandem, vcita’s partner platform.

Designed to serve as a true business advisor, BizAI leverages vast amounts of data about small businesses alongside business data captured by the vcita platform, such as the business’ industry, service details, location, pricing, clients’ history, documents, booked appointments, and payments. The solution enables users to identify opportunities and diagnose areas for improvement, translating these insights into actionable recommendations for immediate implementation. BizAI utilizes language models and a conversational format to engage in chat-style dialogues and respond to free-text inputs from the user.

“Imagine a world where every small business owner would have access to a knowledgeable, personal, expert business consultant. This consultant would know the business inside out and whisper in their ear every time a decision needs to be made. This is our vision for BizAI. SMBs can fully access the benefits of AI within a user-friendly and actionable framework. Our goal is to witness this powerful tool serve as an agent of digital transformation and propel SMB growth,” said Itzik Levy, Founder and CEO at vcita. “With inTandem, vcita’s partner platform, BizAI will become available to a wide audience of SMBs using vcita’s business management solution through our extended partner ecosystem.”

In addition to providing valuable recommendations, BizAI can also assist businesses with content generation, adjusting the themes, tone, and style of content to the unique identity of the business. This enables SMBs to optimize their digital presence and assets with impactful and attractive service descriptions and skillfully crafted email campaigns to help drive their success.

vcita has spent the past 13 years providing SMBs with advanced technology solutions and is committed to digital inclusion in the SMB community. vcita’s technology solutions include popular digital tools like online billing, CRM, online scheduling, marketing, and online presence, and the company now aims to bring the promise of AI within reach for small businesses. Armed with BizAI’s personalized insights and recommendations, vcita is revolutionizing the way SMBs manage their operations and seize growth opportunities within a competitive market. With inTandem, vcita’s partner platform, organizations that serve the SMB market can join vcita’s partner ecosystem and expand their own SMB proposition to include these digital tools and AI driven insights.

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