vcita payment services

Get paid, your way- anywhere, anytime

Don’t let your clients work hard to pay you. With vcita’s integrated payment processing, payday becomes much easier. Specially designed for service-based businesses like yours, vcita is your one-stop-shop for getting paid.

Simple, quick & secure: Lose the clunky hardware and process payments online

An online payment gateway removes the need for clunky terminals to process credit cards. And because it’s online your clients can pay from anywhere, anytime.
Make your life easier, reduce friction with clients around payments, and get paid twice as fast.

Payments crm

Track and manage transactions in the same app you manage your business

An integrated transaction dashboard provides a seamless experience, as you gain visibility and control of your transaction’s status, fees and payments in real time.

No surprises or hidden fees

Clear and simple flat rates provide you with the transparency you need to control your payment processing costs.
With rates as low as 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction and no setup fees, you can plan your business finances with confidence.

business management platform

Chargeback? We’ve got your back

Keep your mind at ease with vcita’s dedicated support team. We provide you with end-to-end assistance, saving you time and hassle around payment admin work, such as disputes and chargebacks.

Credit card processors supported in vcita

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Here’s how different businesses get paid on vcita