Zoom Integration

Elevate your operations by integrating Zoom to your vcita account. Schedule, host, and join Zoom meetings directly from our platform, streamlining virtual consultations and client meetings – from near or far.

vcita and Zoom integration

Integrate Zoom to your vcita account and run meetings, group classes, workshops & webinars online


Smooth meetings

With Zoom you can make sure your meetings run on time and without a glitch. A simple link is sent to your clients enabling them to join a meeting and connect with you via video conferencing.

One platform

The Zoom integration on vcita empowers you to keep your business running on one platform. Access client notes, emails, and other important information and always be over-prepared!

one platform
staying connected

Stay connected

Whether it’s staff training or sessions with your clients, you’ll always be connected with Zoom. Don’t let distance limit you or your clients from being able to reach you.

Boost business

Reach more people, anywhere, and boost your business with Zoom. Turn webinar registrants to proper leads in your CRM and expand your target audience, since you can accept meetings online.

Boost productivity

Getting your clients or staff members to use Zoom is easy with vcita

Step 1

Organize client information

Step 2

Enable the “Online” option for meetings

Step 3

When a client books a meeting through vcita’s scheduler and chooses the “Online” option, a Zoom link is generated automatically.

Step 4

You and your clients enjoy a seamless experience.

All the features you love from vcita, integrated with Zoom



vcita keeps all the important information about your clients handy so that, when you start your Zoom meeting, you’ll know where you last left off.



Zoom links are generated automatically when a client books an online meeting. This makes sure you never forget to send a link.



Invoices can be generated automatically after a Zoom meeting with a client ensuring you get paid up to 3 times faster!



Let your clients know that you allow Zoom meetings straight from your vcita account. Expand your reach and your business.

Small businesses love vcita…
But don’t take it from us


Keeping track of our turnover to date, unpaid invoices, and seeing where we’re at this year vs last year, etc., was a huge pain for us. With vcita we can do all that and then some.

Simon Tingley

Neways Group LTD


After integrating vcita, I no longer had to dedicate a full day each week to administration. Because I get paid for client sessions, not admin work, I increased my earning potential as well.

Sharon Boon

Amber Moon Studio


Clients pay online through vcita – there’s nothing hidden, no hiccups. It requires ZERO administration from me, and that’s golden!

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