PayPal Integration

Make payments easier for you and your clients. With the vcita and PayPal integration, you can securely accept and process payments and keep everything organized in one central platform.

vcita payal integration

The number one choice for small businesses

Streamlined payments

Streamlined payments

With the vcita platform, you can send out payment reminders to keep clients on top of their outstanding payments. With PayPal, you can accept payments anywhere you are. Put them together and you have sound payment processing capabilities.

Top-notch security

With the PayPal and vcita integration, you can securely collect payments from your clients no matter where you are. Next-level encryption and monitoring of every transaction enables you and your clients to enjoy peace of mind knowing their money is safe.

Secure payments
Payment transparency

Real-time data

With the vcita and PayPal integration, you get detailed reports about your clients and your payments. Find out which clients pay late, what you have coming in, and make better decisions to optimize your business.

All the features you love from vcita, integrated with Zoom



vcita keeps all the important information about your clients handy so that, when you start your Zoom meeting, you’ll know where you last left off.



Enable clients to book with you at their convenience and never miss an opportunity again. Keep your business lights on 24/7 and provide a better overall customer service.



Invoices can be generated automatically after a meeting with a client. You’ll send a payment link ensuring you get paid up to 3 times faster, and get the funds directly into your account!



Get all the marketing tools you need to expand your reach and your business. Send an announcement notifying your clients that you accept PayPal payments and watch the cash roll in!

Small businesses love vcita…
But don’t take it from us


Clients pay online through vcita – there’s nothing hidden, no hiccups. It requires ZERO administration from me, and that’s golden!

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Keeping track of our turnover to date, unpaid invoices, and seeing where we’re at this year vs last year, etc., was a huge pain for us. With vcita we can do all that and then some

Simon Tingley

Neways Group LTD


After integrating vcita, I no longer had to dedicate a full day each week to administration. Because I get paid for client sessions, not admin work, I increased my earning potential as well.

Sharon Boon

Amber Moon Studio

Connect vcita with PayPal for a seamless and secure payment experience