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Build stronger customer relationships and manage client interactions across your team


CRM software doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Small businesses need an easy way to manage, follow up and serve their clients anywhere, anytime – even on their phone. But even more than that, your clients need a seamless experience when interacting with your business. This is why both the vCita online CRM software and our Mobile CRM app uniquely integrate with your website, social media and email, creating LiveSite – an integrated client engagement platform for all your client interactions.

Collect customer details

Customized client card fields and web forms help you collect and record all the information you need on every contact, lead or customer in your CRM software. vCita Online CRM software also automatically adds the lead source, photo and other insights from public social network profiles.

Manage customer relationships

Access client information on your online CRM or on your Mobile CRM app anywhere you are. Review past communication, documents, payments and upcoming appointments. Easily add new clients on your phone,or import your contacts and customer data from Gmail, or an Excel file.

Follow-up with customers

Get instant notifications for new client requests to your smartphone and immediately respond via your Mobile CRM app. Remind yourself to follow up with customers, schedule appointments or create invoices.

Increase client engagement

Go beyond managing customers and empower your clients with a self-service portal. Greet returning customers on your website, and allow them to review their past activity and take action: schedule appointments, send messages, share files and pay online.

Manage your team

Manage work schedules, assign clients to staff members and share client information across your team. Easily generate customer activity reports and export to Excel.

Professional, branded emails

Build relationships with every customer communication. Brand every email with your logo, colors and staff member photo – all in a professional templates that can be customized for each type of interaction.

“vCita helps me to offer a better value proposition than my competition. I want to be easy to find, easy to hire and easy to work with and vCita helps me to do that. Every new contact that comes in through vCita is a chance to build a lasting relationship with a new client.”

Albert E. Bergen, CPA

"vCita is that hidden gem among the many CRM apps in today's market place. It is very easy to use. Affordable and they have good customer support. They even customized the vCita plugin in our website with the look and feel we wanted."

Srini Ramineni, DBA University, Inc.

Rated vCita 4.8 out of 5 by

Manage your client base and connect with your clients anywhere, anytime

Keep your clients at your fingertips, even when out of office

Receive client requests and initiate new client interactions on the fly with a mobile app for Apple and Android

Manage leads and clients with an end-to-end CRM

Easily collect and review client information as well as activity history (messages, appointments, payments and more)

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