Best Schedule Maker Tools 2020


Schedule makers are designed to make your life easier by helping you create your schedule and keep track of important events you can’t afford to miss. Online schedule maker tools can be used for a variety of different purposes:

  • Help students keep track of college classes.
  • Assist teachers and professors in planning their academic schedule.
  • Provide managers and employers with tools to schedule employees.
  • Help fitness, gym, and yoga instructors schedule their classes.

Whether you use a free schedule maker or sign up for a monthly or yearly plan, the scheduling tool you use should have the features and flexibility to customize your calendar according to your own planning and organizational needs. Here are the best schedule maker tools for 2020 and how they can help you keep track of your schedule.

1. Best Schedule Makers For College Students

When it’s time for a new year at school, a college schedule maker can help you organize your classes for the semester.

As a college student, you’ll be creating your own schedule, deciding what courses are best for your career path. When scheduling your classes and courses, try to include breaks that give you a good balance between attending classes and having time to prepare and study.
If you’re working as you attend school, you can also add this time into the schedule, making it easier for you to plan your week.

Use these guidelines when building your college class schedule:

Research courses

Before planning your semester, research what classes are available.
Familiarize yourself with the requirements for each class so you’re well informed about the work expectations and the professor teaching the course.
Make a list of your first choices as well as alternatives if classes are full when you register.

Block out study times

Include study and prep time in your schedule so you can use this time effectively. Break up study times throughout the day in 30 minute increments or study in one session. Slot in study times not only when your schedule allows but also at times when you study best, such as in the morning or at night.

Balance academics with personal time

Although your classes and study time take priority, it’s important to have a work life balance even when attending college. Block out time in your college schedule maker for fitness and extracurricular activities. Consider these two schedule makers to create and organize your class schedule:

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark, an online and mobile design app, comes with a schedule maker that helps you build a daily or weekly schedule. You’ll be able to personalize your class schedule without any graphic design or programming skills.


  • Easily create an Adobe Spark account using your Adobe ID, Facebook, or Google information.
  • Adobe Spark includes a suite of other apps and tools, including worksheets and DIY flashcards.
  • Intuitive and easy to use with drag and drop features.


  • Not the most intuitive software out there
  • Some limitations with the free starter plan

Adobe Spark has earned a big reputation as a cloud-based visual design application that individuals and organizations can use to create web content, including posts to social media, web pages, and video. It also comes with the college schedule maker for organizing your school day and week.


After selecting a template that matches your needs, you can design and customize a schedule that works best for you. Using an easy interface that lets you drag and drop different design elements, you can further personalize your schedule by changing the layout, text, font, and color. The preview feature lets you work on schedule design and layout until you’re completely happy with the result before saving.


With Adobe Spark, you can choose from over 1 million free graphics and photos to add your own unique personality to your schedule, or you can upload your own. The scheduler is easy to use, and the free plan of Adobe Spark lets you download, post, and share your schedule with others. You can upgrade to the Individual Plan if you’re looking for additional features, such as live chat and phone support or removing the Spark logo from your schedule.


A visual marketing tool, Visme lets you create your own class schedule for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly planning.


  • Easy to use by dragging and dropping icons.
  • Easy download as an image file or PDF.
  • Online knowledge base with how-to tutorials.


  • No available app for editing through your phone.
  • Fewer design elements than other schedule makers.

Visme is an online tool that was developed for non-designers to create visual content quickly and easily. The application also comes with a schedule maker that you can use to build your own schedule so you can organize your classes and other activities. Manage your schedule by the hour, day, week, or month. Or create multiple schedules so you have more than one viewpoint of the coming days and weeks.


The first step is choosing a template, which are bright and colorful and can be customized even further by creating your own palette colors and modifying the columns and rows based on your own schedule. The table maker lets you customize each of the blocks so you can use a combination of different colors for each class. Then keep dragging and dropping blocks and editing the tables to create a schedule that’s customized for your needs. Using some of the other elements lets you customize even further by adding in icons and photos.


When you’re happy with the result just save and download the schedule as an image or PDF file, filling in class information both digitally and manually. You also have the option of sharing your schedule with classmates and family by attaching it in an email or sharing the URL. Visme receives good reviews for its functionality and ease of use.


Visme schedule examples:

2. Best Schedule Makers for College Professors

Teachers and professors face the challenge of scheduling their classes with a balance between teaching, prepping for each class, and having time for student consultations. A class schedule maker can help you create a schedule that allows you to plan ahead and manage your time effectively.

The ideal schedule maker also comes with a tool that allows students to book their own appointments with you for questions about class assignments or academic and career guidance. Times that students book with you are automatically added to your calendar so you can prepare for each appointment.

When possible, use these tips for building your academic schedule:


Plan ahead

Know your syllabus ahead of time and break it down into units of learning, with a clear overview of the lesson plan for each class.


Find balance

Create a balance in your schedule between teaching, prepping, and appointments for consultations with students.


Daily and weekly calendar views

Build both daily and weekly schedules. A daily schedule lets you focus on the next hours ahead while a weekly calendar helps you efficiently prepare for the coming week.


Online scheduling software for professionals, vCita can help professors plan their academic schedule. A cloud-based solution, scheduling and appointment booking is easy with this software, with the end result being a professional and organized calendar.


  • Students can easily manage their own classes and see their schedule
  • Including ‘pay for classes’ and ‘scheduling’ now button
  • Easy to customise your teaching schedule via the class/service menu
  • Free on-boarding


  • Can be time consuming to learn about the many available features.

For academics, vCita can help you create your schedule so you can plan for the upcoming week. You can slot each class into your calendar, including blocks of time for prep. The calendar is well designed and organized, making it easy to read at a glance.


vCita is also an efficient way for professors to provide students with available times for appointments. Students can choose from different types of consultations, including academic and personal concerns and career development. After selecting an available appointment time and providing student contact information, the date and time is added to your schedule, with a confirmation of the booking sent to the student along with a reminder notification. 


Another great feature of this scheduler is that you can sync your vCita calendar with your work and personal calendars, eliminating the need for manually copying this information from one to the other.


Setting up with vCita is fast and easy. Their online video tutorials provide additional information on how to use the software to its best advantage for your academic scheduling objectives.

3. Best Employee And Work Schedule Makers


Creating a work schedule for your employees can be time consuming and often complicated, using up valuable time that you could be spending elsewhere running your business. You need to build the schedule, cover each shift, and juggle shifts when employees are unable to work at the last minute.


Using an employee schedule maker can automate many of these tasks for you, saving you both time and money and eliminating errors in scheduling.


Depending on your business or industry, there are several different types of work schedules that determine the days and hours that employees are scheduled to work. Decide which of these work schedules are best for you when planning and organizing employee shifts:



A full-time schedule is based on working five days each week with an 8-hour day, typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most employee scheduling apps are based on a full-time schedule.


Fixed hours

With a fixed work schedule, employees are working full-time, but their schedule is set for alternative working hours, such as Wednesday to Monday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Organizing your work calendar for fixed hours lets you build your schedule ahead of time since the shift for these employees never changes.


Part-time and flex

With a part-time schedule, employees work less hours than full-time workers. The reduced hours mean that employees may only work two to three days per work for 8 hours each day. Or they may work 4 hours a day spread out over multiple days. Part-time employees mean customizing your scheduling software to accommodate 4-hour shifts.  


Rotating shift hours

Shift hours are typical for businesses that operate 10 or more hours each day. Rotating shifts are required to fill the hours you’re open which means you’ll need to customize your scheduling software to ensure that all times are covered.


Freelance employees

If your business hires freelance workers, you may want to include them in your scheduling app. Paid by the hour or by project, keeping track of freelance time worked can help you manage your business more effectively.


Seasonal workers

For businesses that operate seasonally, customize your schedule for these dates and hours of operation. Some businesses are open year round but require more employees to work during the holidays. Schedulers make is easy to add employees when needed, removing them from the schedule when seasonal work is complete.


On-call employees

Create separate schedules for employees who are on-call and only required when in demand.


Unscheduled employees

Some employees have a specific job task they need to complete but they can set their own hours of work. Scheduling software helps you keep track of these hours for your own payroll records.



Schedule makers should include the ability to track overtime worked by your employees. This way you can see where you can keep labor costs down by scheduling more employees to avoid overtime hours.

For ease of scheduling your employees no matter what their work schedule, you can get help to organize your work week from one of these employee schedule makers:


Designed for employee scheduling in retail, hospitality, and restaurants, OpenSimSim makes it easy for employers and managers to schedule workers and keep track of shifts.


  • Both web and mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Quick to create and easy to send to employees.
  • Messaging feature.


  • Interface for messaging can become overwhelmed with messages.
  • Learning curve for new users.

For use by both employers and their employees, OpenSimSim helps you create a schedule that everyone can share. This allows for integrated use among all your employees so you can easily manage shifts and hours worked in one app.


Start by setting up employees by name and position, creating an employee profile that includes personal information and pay rate. Insert each employee into the weekly schedule, adding time start and end and any notes that are specific to that worker. You’ll easily be able to see if there are any overlapping shifts or open shifts that need to be filled


Managing employees is easy with OpenSimSim. Employees will get automatic reminders before their shift, reducing late and missed shifts. Another feature for managing employees is the messaging function which allows you to send private messages to users, both individual and group messages.

From the employee side, workers can see when they’re scheduled and add shift opportunities letting you know their availability.

After setting up your weekly schedule, just click on the “Publish” button and send the new schedule to all your employees.


A cloud-based platform for employee scheduling, Planday is designed for both small and medium sized businesses. You’ll be able to create schedules and keep track of employee availability and vacations.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Can be used on PCs, tablets, and as a mobile app.
  • Send automated reminders to employees.


  • Planday app can be slow to load on mobile devices.
  • Learning curve for new users.

Using Planday, you can create, publish, and edit schedules for your employees, so they have instant access to it on their desktop or in the app. The interface is neat and clean, with the schedule grid easy to read and scan through.


The app makes it possible for employees to let you know their availability so you can avoid any scheduling conflicts as you build schedules. They can also message each other about swapping shifts so you don’t have to do this for them while still keeping management control over the schedule by approving or rejecting any changes.


The Punch Clock feature lets your employees use the app to clock-in when they start their shift. This way you’ll be able to approve the final work hours for pay and export to the payroll system you’re using.


 Although it can take a bit of time to learn everything that Planday can do for your business, the online “Get Started” tutorial helps you get going with information about the interface and menus. Planday Guides provide additional tips for scheduling with further support being available with an online request.

4. Best Gym Class Schedule Makers

For fitness, gym, and yoga instructors it’s imperative that you have a way to keep track of your classes. You need to be able to manage 1-on-1 and group bookings and make it easy for clients to book their own appointments with you online.

A good gym class schedule maker can help build your fitness business by saving time managing your bookings so you can focus on leading your classes.

An effective gym class schedule maker should have these functions:

  • Let your clients see what classes are available, including date and time.
  • Manage your individual and group classes.
  • Allow clients to reserve their spot with you online.
  • Set up automatic reminders and notifications to clients, reducing no-shows.
  • Let clients sign up for repeat classes.

Both Playpass and checkAppointments give you the functionality you need in a gym class schedule maker:


Playpass has been created for small and medium sized businesses that host sports tournaments, weekly leagues, and community events. The scheduler helps you manage all these events in one place.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Available on PC and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Invite other members to help keep score.


  • Limited customization.
  • Limited functionality.
  • 1-3% registration fee.

Using Playpass is easy – choose your fitness or sport and the number of participants or contestants – then select the type of schedule you need and create. Each schedule can be personalized by editing and adding facility information and dates and times. You’ll be able to set each game by including dates, times, and the duration of each game. Using the League Round Robin schedule lets you schedule games over a period of weeks or all within one day.


The ease of use with Playpass makes it simple to add and remove games quickly and track all scores and games standings online. Customize each of your schedules by adding a fun main image and logos for each team. You can also build custom pages for your website that provide useful information about the game.


When your schedule is complete, share it with anyone while still keeping editing rights to yourself. You can also download and print schedules so they can be used offline.


Used by a wide variety of businesses and organizations, checkAppointments is on online scheduler that lets you set your schedule for fitness, yoga, and gym classes.


  • checkAppointments servers are regularly scanned and backed up to keep your data secure.
  • Mobile usability for smart devices and tablets.
  • Reporting capability to track your business.


  • User interface needs updating.
  • Costs more than other class scheduling tools.

If you’re a fitness instructor or have your own fitness facility, checkAppointments lets clients easily book with you and manage their appointments so you can focus on your business. You clients will be able to book appointments and classes with you at any time no matter where they are without having to wait until you’re available by phone or email.


The ease of using this scheduler lets you book both 1-on-1 classes as well as group bookings. Recurring appointments can also be set up, so clients don’t have to go through the process of rebooking with you.


This fitness and gym class schedule maker lets you customize fields that are specific to your service. For instance, you can request that clients fill out a field about additional information they think you should know before the appointment or class.


Once you’ve created your schedule it will be available to your clients at, with you web handle linking to your own schedule.  


Online documentation and user guides help get you started so you can make the most of this scheduling tool.

If your business or industry doesn’t fall into any of the categories here, or if you’re looking for an online free schedule maker tool that you don’t need to sign up for, there are several fundamental tools available.

No matter what schedule maker you choose, these tools are effective in creating your own personal schedule that you can use to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly agenda. Whether it’s for you, your employees, or your clients, the right scheduling tools can simplify the task of organizing your life and business.

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