Appointment Scheduling App by vCita

The scheduling app that does everything for you. Let clients self-schedule online 24/7 on the move.

vCita Scheduling App Features

Schedule and receive appointment bookings whilst on the go with one app 

Send automated confirmations and reminders from our app and reduce dropped appointments

Accept up-front payments when your clients book a service appointment. Accept credit card & PayPal payments, create and send invoices and payment reminders – all from 1 app

Schedule one-time and recurring appointments with your clients to increase long-lasting customer relationships

Grow your leads with ‘book now’ button for Facebook and web

Sync all appointments and calendar events between app and desktop client portal

How Can vCita Appointment Scheduling App Help You?


vCita appointment scheduling app is a full-featured client booking app that takes care of your customers around the clock. You can use it to:

  • Schedule bookings on the go. You can arrange and accept appointment or meeting requests from anywhere. With repeat clients, you can even schedule recurring appointments: an extra layer of convenience that inspires loyalty and repeat business.
  • Reflect real-time availability. Our booking app syncs with your Google or Outlook calendar and each other to present your availability in real-time. No more double-bookings that frustrate clients and business owners alike.
  • Encourage immediate bookings. Your clients can self-schedule any appointment with the ‘schedule now’ button, which meets the client the moment he enters the vCita app.
  • Accept payments. Our appointment app integrates with Stripe and Paypal, so you can accept deposits and prepayments when a client books an appointment via the app. When you’re on the road (or even asleep in bed) and not in a position to accept payments personally, vCita has you covered. Clients who pay late or not at all will be a thing of the past.

The vCita scheduling app also offers a personalized client portal that your customers can use to review their past and upcoming appointments or meetings. By allowing them to manage their own details online, you no longer have to spend hours on phone calls, emails, and other coordination mediums. It will change the way you manage your clients as well as your time.


vCita Appointment App – Perfect For Teams


Even with small teams, it’s all too easy for group scheduling to consume too much time and energy. You have to confirm everyone’s availability before you create and post a schedule and then scramble to find a replacement when someone calls in sick or leaves unexpectedly.

Enter vCita’s scheduling app for teams. When you sign up for a team account, the benefits include:

  • You can assign specific services, such as French manicures or full-sleeve tattoos, to specific team members to ensure expert service delivery.
  • Each team member can post their availability in addition to their services: no more text or phone tag when you’re putting a schedule together. Our booking app also syncs with their Google or Outlook calendars to determine availability.
  • When you post a schedule or a client books a service, all involved team members receive an automatic notification. Clients receive ‘Thank you’ messages that confirm their booking.
  • Clients can schedule appointments with their favorite staff members, which encourages brand loyalty and repeat business.


Create And Manage Group Events with One App


Is your coaching business going so well that you want to offer workshops? Our appointment app makes it easy to manage group events, you can arrange classes, seminars, workshops, and even group meetings by adding a group event to your service menu and letting people sign up online.

You can set the date and time and specify whether it will be a single or recurring event. You can also indicate how many spots are available: once they’re all taken, registration stops, so you won’t be faced with more attendees than anticipated.

Regular booking requests. Staff schedules. Group meetings and workshops. They’re part and parcel of a successful small business. Let our appointment scheduling app manage the scheduling part so you can focus on business and personal growth.

More than a scheduling app

Calendar & Online Scheduling

24/7 appointment booking on the move

Let clients set and reschedule appointments and book services from our mobile app

Payments & Invoicing

Event & class registration

Check your online work calendar on the move and let clients register and pay for events and classes from their mobile device.

Email & SMS marketing

Sync with you existing calendar app

Automatically sync your contacts and meetings with your existing calendar: Outlook, Google, iCal and more

Lead Generation

Automatic appointment reminders

Send personalized SMS and email confirmations, notifications and reminders to your clients and staff from your vCita scheduling app

Calendar & Online Scheduling

Client management and CRM functionalities

Manage clients while on-the-go, quickly respond to requests and initiate new interactions

Payments & Invoicing

Payments & invoicing

Let clients pay for services online as they schedule an appointment. Accept credit card or PayPal and create invoices in one user friendly app

Email & SMS marketing

Personalized client portal

Let clients view their history with your business through a personalized portal for each client

Lead Generation

Team collaboration

Share contacts, view your staff’s calendar, assign client requests and set follow-up reminders

Over 2.5 million appointments have been scheduled with vCita’s app

“Our clients can book appointments online instead of procrastinating until the last minute. It saved us at least 150 hours of phone calls and coordination during tax season, and has changed how we manage our clients and our time.”

Effie Bar-Caspi, LL.B

GPL Accounting

“vCita is one of the smartest business decisions I have ever made. I regularly receive appointment requests, and can manage conversations with multiple people using my mobile phone and mobile app.”

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness, LLC

“vCita is easy to use, client-centric and it looks great on mobile – which makes ShopKeep look good. And, vCita goes the extra mile to ensure the software is easy, comfortable and right the first time. It’s been key to our success in sales.”

Brandon Bernard Jones

Sales Operations at ShopKeep

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