vCita for Events planner, Photographer...

vCita helps small businesses to create an actionable website and provide an efficient
client scheduling solution.

Event Planners and Photographers Improve Your Appointment Booking

When a potential client reads about your photography services, vCita appointment booking plugin can show up and invite them to schedule a photography sitting. Instead of calling you, getting to a voicemail, or exchanging emails with you about pricing and services, the new client simply schedules online, and books an appointment to talk with you.

Respond Quickly with Online Scheduling

The requests will either be sent to your email, your phone, or simply added to your existing calendar at Google, Outlook and others – it’s up to you.
vCita can even collect upfront credit-card payment on the photographer’s behalf to secure the scheduled appointment
See an example of a photographer list of services and easy online scheduling below:

See below an example of vCita scheduling experience:

See how it can look on your website:
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