vCita for Coach, Consultant, Marketing specialist...

vCita helps small businesses to create an actionable website and provide an efficient
client scheduling solution.

For life coach, business coach, consultants, and other specialist who provide consultation services, online scheduling is first a great lead generation tool.

When a potential client reads about your services, vCita appointment booking plugin can show up and invite them to schedule a free consultation phone call. Instead of calling you, getting to a voicemail, or exchanging endless emails with you, the new client simply schedules online, and books an appointment to talk with you. It helps you lock-in a phone call, which is valuable in turning every lead into a client.

Not Just Appointment Booking

Many coaches and consultants prefer a video chat, skype, google hangout, or other online meeting – vCita integrates with those as well.
Later on, vCita meeting scheduler is useful for booking appointments, phone calls and other ongoing meetings coaches and consultants have with their clients. vCita even includes an integrated conference call service – so a conference call is set up automatically for you upon confirmation of the client’s online scheduling request.
Finally, consultants use vCita to send invoices for completed or scheduled meetings, and collect credit-card payments online.

See below an example of vCita scheduling experience:

See how it can look on your website:
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