Active Website & Lead Generation

Create more business opportunities on your website and social networks.

vCita helps over 100,000 small businesses capture more leads, respond faster to prospects, and provide better service to clients — with a fraction of the time and effort you invest today

  • Actionable Web, Mobile, Social, Email

    Introduce your services to new visitors, engage more clients and offer a better call-to-action on websites, mobile sites, mobile applications, Facebook pages and even email campaigns. Customize your contact options, forms and schedulers to fit your brand and business needs.

  • Active Engage - Double Your Leads

    vCita displays a contact box on every page of your website, with a proactive welcome message of your choice, and buttons that offer an immediate call-to-action. 
Active Engage has proven to encourage twice as many clients to contact your business as a simple contact form.

    See a live example at the bottom of this page!

  • Lead Alerts & Follow-ups

    vCita captures leads, client inquiries and appointment booking requests, and delivers them directly to your email, phone, calendar or to a relevant staff member. You can immediately respond, return calls and accept scheduling requests - wherever you are.

  • Lead Management

    Keep track of leads and opportunities on a centralized dashboard. Every lead is directed to the right person on your team, for a quick follow up: take notes, edit contact information, monitor sent emails, and schedule phone consultations or appointments. Never miss another client.

    Read more about Contact Management

  • Online Scheduling = More Clients

    Adding an online scheduler to your website or other online locations, encourages more potential clients to reach out: schedule a phone call, an appointment or a service at a time that works best for everyone.

    Read more about Online Scheduling

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