Contact Management Software and CRM

A communication center to manage contacts and stay in touch with clients

Contact management software is at the core of your business. vCita offers a Small Business CRM that provides a 360-degree view of the customer relationship and communications. Your team can keep track of upcoming appointments and shared documents, invoices and payments. It’s more than a CRM – it is a personal assistant for small business, facilitating client management and timely response anytime, anywhere, on any device, and automating scheduling and reminders. Finally, vCita contact management software integrates with your website, helping you capture more clients and gain client insights, so you can prioritize leads and deliver the best service to your customers.

  • Manage Contacts and Customers

    Automatically add leads and contacts to your contact management software, including their contact information, communication history, past activity and private notes.

  • Gain Client Insights

    Tailor the client record according to your needs and collect client information on your website. vCita automatically creates a profile for every contact with the client’s photo and social media information. All part of your small business CRM.

  • Deliver Amazing Service

    vCita business CRM sends email and mobile notifications of contact requests, or when a client needs attention or a follow-up. You can respond using any device, anywhere.

  • 24/7 Client Portal

    Build customer relationship in every website and Facebook interaction. Provide a self-service portal for your clients to review their activity and take action, schedule appointments, send messages, share files or pay online.

  • Personalize the Experience

    Brand and customize client-facing communications, notifications and reminders with your business logo, colors and text. Track emails when read or replied. Recognize and greet returning customers and personalize their experience on your website.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Import and export client information via Excel, Gmail or as a CSV into your small business CRM.



Basic contact management software

  • LiveSite forms and widgets, integrated with any website
  • Client Portal for web, mobile, social and email
  • Email notification & client record for every web request
Support forums


$12.45/month to $36.90

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for small business.
Includes free installation and customization

  • Unlimited contacts and leads with import/export
  • Branded LiveSite with full client relationship history
  • Mobile notifications & automated follow-up
  • Customized client record, including social media data
  • Integrated client scheduling, invoicing, online payments and file sharing
Email & Phone Support


Starts at $39.90/month

Everything in Professional - for your whole team

  • Company branding and customization.
  • CRM Administrator view & control.
  • Share client records across your team
  • Assign customers to specific staff members
Dedicated account manager