Contact Management and CRM

A communication center to manage contacts and stay in touch with clients

Contact Management software and client relationship management are at the heart of your business.
vCita provides a small business CRM software for a 360 degree view of the client relationship, communications, appointments, documents and payments. It’s also your personal assistant streamlining your client dialogue from anywhere, anytime on any device — managing client requests, automating responses and generating reminders for timely follow-ups. Finally, vCita contact management integrates with your website, helping you capture additional information about your clients, gain insights, prioritize leads and deliver amazing service with personalized client portal.

  • Manage Contacts,
    Track Interactions

    Automatically add leads and contacts to your client database, including contact information, past activity and private notes.

  • Gain Client Insights

    Tailor the client record according to your needs. Obtain more client information via the web, including social media with one click.

  • Deliver Amazing Service

    Receive email and mobile notifications of incoming client communications or as a reminder for a required follow-up and provide an immediate response using any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • 24/7 Client Portal

    Make your website and Facebook page personalized and dynamic, engaging clients in every interaction. Provide a self-service portal for your clients to review their activity and take action anytime, anywhere, including scheduling, messaging, file sharing and credit card payments.

  • Personalize the Experience

    Brand and customize client-facing communications, notifications and reminders with your business logo, colors and text. Track emails when read or replied. Recognize and greet returning customers and personalize their experience on your website.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Easily import and export client information via Excel, Gmail or as a CSV.

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Basic Contact Management

  • LiveSite forms and widgets, integrated with any website
  • Client Portal for web, mobile, social and email
  • Email notification & client record for every web request
Support forums


$9.95/month to $29.90

Full client management, including customized portal and branded emails.
Includes free installation and customization.

  • Unlimited contacts, leads with import/export
  • Branded LiveSite with full client history
  • Mobile notifications & automated follow-up
  • Customized client record, including social media data
  • Integrated client scheduling, invoicing, online payments and file sharing
Email & Phone Support


Starts at $34.95/month

Everything in Professional - for your whole team

  • Company branding and customization.
  • Administrator view & control.
  • Share client records across your team
  • Assign clients to specific staff members
Dedicated account manager