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SMB partnership

Everything your SMB clients need
to run and grow their business

vcita mobile dashboards


Help businesses enjoy better-organized and highly productive workdays with easy scheduling, appointment & event management, and a full business calendar that fits into their pocket.


Offer businesses a complete payment management solution that will help them get their hard-earned money in the bank. with a wide range of billing options, businesses can simplify the collection and keep track of their bottom line.


Empower businesses to capture, nurture, and convert more leads with email SMS marketing campaigns that don’t require design or development.


Give businesses the tools they need for building long-lasting relationships with their clients, streamlining their client communication, and organizing client data.

Loved by small businesses. Trusted by partners.

Why partner with us

Increase engagement

Offer value-adding services that address the everyday needs of small business owners.

Unlock new revenue potential

Create new cross-sell and upsell opportunities with a complete small business offering.

Build trust and loyalty

Reduce churn with a sticky solution your clients will use on a daily basis.

Gain a competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with a unique offering.

vcita mobile payments

Increase ARPU with new revenue potential

Flexible pricing and packaging

Maximize subscription sales by optimizing pricing and packaging to fit your target market.

Tap into online payments

Offer your own payment processing services and enjoy a cut from transaction fees.

Create more upsell opportunities

Promote apps and services through vcita’s app market.

Our technology, built for partners.

Plug and play integrations

Easily integrate with other apps to create one seamless experience.

You’re in control

Develop your own integrations using vcita’s public APIs and detailed documentation.

Simple management and reporting

Track account performance and adoption metrics with real-time dashboards and a partner portal.

Custom branding

Keep your brand highly visible with various branding options across the platform.

Branding options platform

The right platform partner to help you reach your business goals

Gain access to a complete suite of tools and services

Integrations: APIs & technical documentation

Our open API technology and design system allows partners to inject any service or application into vcita’s native UX and offer one seamless user experience to your clients.

Flexible subscription model & Package builder

Create a GTM strategy that serves your business goals with vcita’s flexible pricing & packaging tools. Our partners offer a wide range of commercial models from freemium to tiered pricing.

While label & Branding opportunities

We offer full partner branding options across all platform assets, including web & mobile applications, mobile app store presence, user communication such as email & push notifications, and more.

Training and resources

Our mission is your success! The vcita team works closely with partners to train and enable sales teams, create and customize marketing materials, and bring your unique propositions to your target market.

Data aggregation & Partner reports

Monitor and track customer behavior patterns from a customizable dashboard that provides valuable real-time insights. Identify the best up and cross-sell opportunities that best serve your clients.

Professional services

vcita offers a wide range of add-on services that support various partner needs. Our team provides professional services,such as sales, customer success, development and more, to support your success.

Meet our partnership team

Our professional Customer Success, Support, and Professional Services teams
are here to support you and your clients and guide you to success.

vcita partnership team

Built for quick and easy adoption

Quick self-onboarding

Easy onboarding with guided in-product guides allows your SMBs to get up and running in no time.

In-product education

Make it easy for your users to learn the product benefits independently with our white-label in-product education flow.

White-label Help Center

Our extensive Help Center articles and how-to’s are available to our partner clients for immediate support.

Who should partner with us?

vcita partners with global industry leaders that serve the small business market in order to drive innovation and help small businesses achieve big success.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Expand your digital marketing offering with a complete business management solution that will help you and your SMB clients convert more leads and win more business.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Empower your SME clients beyond banking with a complete set of digital tools that address their day-to-day operations and business needs and help them build financial resilience.

Technology Partners

If delivering SaaS technology to small businesses is at the heart of your business, let’s join forces to create an ecosystem of value-added tech solutions for SMBs.

Telco Companies

Increase client loyalty and adoption of digital products by offering an engaging business management solution that can easily be bundled with your existing SMB products and services.

We work with different partnership
models that best fit your business

Resellers: Add vcita to your portfolio

Expand your SMB proposition with vcita’s top rated business management app.

Technology Partner: Integrate your offering

Connect your leading SMB solution with vcita’s business management ecosystem.

Solution partners: Build your own white-labeled solution

Leverage our platform to combine your services with business management features and bring your own unique solution to market.


  • How will my SMB clients benefit from vcita?

    With vcita’s core business management solution, SMBs enjoy better-organized and highly productive workdays. They are able to significantly reduce administrative overhead, and streamline payment collection, helping them win more businesses and build financial resilience.
  • How will my organization benefit from partnering with vcita?

    Our partners leverage the vcita platform to expand their SMB proposition and offer their clients a full business management solution that serves the business’s core needs: CRM, billing, time management, and client communication. By delivering such services with their own White Labeled solution, our partners enjoy a significant uplift in client engagement and loyalty, reduce churn, and increase ARPA through various upsell paths and product monetization opportunities.
  • Can I integrate vcita with other services I offer?

    vcita is built as an open platform and enables partners to easily integrate their own apps and services to create one seamless user experience. Our developer hub offers detailed documentation that helps partners leverage our APIs to build their own unique solutions. Many vcita partners integrate and serve their own apps within vcita’s core business management solution, increasing adoption of digital products and diversifying revenue.
  • What type of SMBs is vcita a good fit for?

    vcita is designed to support a wide range of SMBs and cover a broad spectrum of use cases. Many of the platform’s users are service providers and appointment based businesses, such as home services providers, finance & legal professionals, healthcare & wellness practitioners, coaches & consultants, beauty salons, fitness businesses and more. Many elements of the platform are customized according to the user’s profession and workflows, making vcita a vertical-agnostic business management solution.
  • Do you have a white-label program?

    We offer partner-led branding which enables our partners to launch solutions under their own brand. Partner branding includes branding of the web application, a designated branded mobile app & mobile app market presence, as well as all SMB-facing communication.
  • What type of support, training and onboarding is provided?

    vcita offers a full suite of partner services including training, sales certification, and ongoing enablement. Our highly experienced partner team stands ready to support you every step of the way.
  • How long does it take to launch a partnership?

    Thanks to our open platform infrastructure & highly experienced partnership teams, we are able to offer fast time to market and can work closely with partners in order to bring their solutions to market within weeks.
  • How many languages is your solution available in?

    vcita is currently available in 11 different languages. Additional languages can be added very easily to our platform.
  • I have more questions, how can I reach you?

    Please fill out the form below to reach out to our partnership experts to learn more about our various partnership opportunities.

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